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  1. well after i started the um dan's regimen thingie..my face has started to burn and even flake....is this normal? my face is also going red...does this mean its working cuz i do what the directions say.
  2. please????? does anyone know if the moisturizer im using is ok?
  3. im trying dan's regimen and i think i may not have a good moisturizer for my face....is neutrogena's combination skin moisture an ok one to use? i forgot to get one that was recommended on the regimen list...and yea i have combimation skin. im trying this regimen because people have recommended it..and i really hope it works...i have such terrible and ugly skin. anyways thank you and hope to hear from someone
  4. well i posted a reply on my post but no answered so i figured this MIGHT work,,,,,,well ive looking around this site for awhile and cant find out what dan's regimen is. someone posted that it would be good for my face but what is it???? what are the products and stuff?
  5. does anyone know what im supoose to do to my face cuz i have combination skin and some pimples...what are the products i should be using for my face?? does anyone know? thank you for ur time if u can. please tell me what the best ones u know are thanx
  6. ive used the cover girl aqua fresh foundation and it never worked. it had a looked as if i caked it on and it didnt. ive always used only sponges to use foundations on my face. ive used one of neutrogena's liquid foundations, another one of cover girl's foundations it was like the aqua fresh foundation just only it was a smaller compact thing and it was rectangular. ive also used some max factor stuff. i havent tried l'oreal because im afraid that if i use the combination skin one, it will just
  7. hey thanx everyone for the advice...if anyone at all has any other ideas then please send em.....thank you!!!!
  8. hi im getting really depressed because of my stupid face. for 2 years i have been trying to find the right make up for my face but nothing has been going good at all. i have tried going to counters and ive gotten some of their make up but it hasnt really worked. i have combination skin and whenever i put a foundation on it gets flakey and looks like i caked it on. every make up i use. pleassse can someone help me. i hate feeling like im the ugliest girl in the world. i mean what is the best bru
  9. thanx for the reply but there has been 40 reveiws and no one else has replied...can someone please help out? please.... but i do appreciate the first reply... thank you for your time
  10. ok well i just found out i had combination skin and i have no idea what the best make up is for it..i dont seem to have much acne anymore just scars really... can someone please help me...i know i have to use a good moisturizer to but i dont know what would be good either...im really clueless when it comes to my face and i tried using cover girl and that combination for like concealer, powder, liquid type thing and it didnt work...what is best and how do i use it...im really desperate ive gone
  11. ok..my face is like a monster or at least i think so,,ive had acne since i was 10 or 11 and now im 15. it has cleared up soo much but however im so embarassed of how i still look and ive tried soo hard to cover it up with every foundation i could think of, ive even wasted a 100 dollars on just foundation once. nothing has worked, possibly ive done things wrong on how to use the products, but still i need help on how to use foundation and whats good to use. cuz i have no clue on how to use make