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  1. Glad to hear that you'll be going on accutane dude! Can't wait to read your accutane log - good luck. Hopefully i'll be able to get on accutane too in a couple of months .
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  3. 2 weeks for me too. My hair is too thick so I need to make sure I get one regularly so I don't look like a hedgehog lol.
  4. That's totally up to you. If you trust him, then why not. Personally, I think it would be better to show him, you'll probably find a huge weight will be lifted of your shoulder and feel less awkward around him. It will probably also make your friendship stronger .
  5. I woudn't worry about it too much. Length of half your thumb? That seems quite big, but maybe you have really small hands lol . You could try icing it - I know a lot of people here do it to bring down the swelling. However, I find that the less that I bother it, the more quicker it goes. Whatever you do, do not scrub it or exfoliate it - just be extra gentle with it. BTW, are you Filipina? I'm half Filipino and when I went to Philippines a while back, I couldn't find any person who had acne! Da
  6. So you mean isolation leads to more zits or nerdy behaviour.
  7. Yeah, there are so many inspirational threads here. I wonder if we could transfer all these to one big book hehe
  8. I feel your pain. People underestimate the psychological effects of acne so much. My sister says, "I see lots of people with acne, don't worry about it and stop touching your face". Every time I hear that I feel like punching a brick wall. When ever i'm out and about I hardly ever see people with acne. It frustrates the hell out of me that although i'm quite a confident guy, I know that if acne wasn't here to hold me back, I would be 100x more confident. I know how you feel about acne destroying
  9. Yeah, good luck with the accutane, I really hope they put you on that, you'll have a piece of mind! Cheers dude. I just thank God that there are still people in this world like you guys who genuinely are looking to help people. This community means so much to me.
  10. Hehe thanks, I think i'll try that Jess. To be honest though I usually try and avoid the "acne" product aisle lol especially when I have active zits - it makes me feel too awkward . But yeah, acne is a disease of the skin and shouldn't be a disease of the mind. I'm just going to try and keep busy and concentrate on the things that matter.
  11. My acne is quite bad, so I don't think I'll have trouble getting accutane. I'm sure as hell not going on antibiotics again.
  12. Cheers for the support. At least you guys know what I'm going through. I don't know but since I turned 19 earlier this year it's become like cyst city. I will try and get on accutane and probably pursue taking the fish oil in the mean time just purely for its health benefits.