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  1. The NHSL smells terrible! Better than ACV though I guess... Maybe start to wean myself off BP using it every other day or something? Is Clindamycin supposed to slow red mark fading like BP does? I don't hear much complaints about that, maybe I can just use clindamycin and then the souffle every day? My skin goes into phases where I think I've grown out of acne. I mean, I can "forget" to wash my face now or eat a whole bag of mini Milky Ways or go on crazy caffeine binges and not get any new z
  2. Ok, I thought purging meant that you bring zits to the surface, but I'm not bringing zits, just my marks are just more prevalent. Kind of a lot so. Oh well, I hope purging means that it'll work. I just didn't think I'd get too much purging b/c I'm already using G-acid, but I guess this is leaving it on as opposed to a wash, so I guess it makes sense.
  3. Hey, so does the Souffle have this "make your skin worse before it gets better" kind of thing? I've been using it for about a week and my skin def looks worse. Keep with it?
  4. I originally started using Glytone's Glycolic Face Wash + Clindamycin pads in the morning + Benzaclin at night. I switched to Aqua Glycolic and found that it's all I need to prevent acne. Some questions though... 1) Should I stop using BP? I don't think I really need it anymore...and if I stop using it, will my red marks start to go away? 2) I get no more large zits anymore but get kinda a lot of tiny red bumps. Does this mean that my skin STILL is irritated by the AG? What should I do? 3)
  5. Aloe (both FOTE and organic Lily of the Desert) doesn't do anything for me. I still use it at night because it's a good moisturizer and doesn't break me out and it feels nice.
  6. Didn't really work for me either and I've been using it for a month. It's great at keeping the big zits away...I can even drink when I'm using the AG. I ordered the Neutrogena GA Lotion w SPF and the AG Toner so let's see how that goes.
  7. This might be a dumb question, but what's the exact difference b/w a moisturizer and a toner?
  8. Wait, I do the same thing but I still use BP all over? Is that bad? I'm also Asian if that makes a dif, but that's what my derm told me to do, except I use AG now instead of Glytone...
  9. The FOX News things was dumb. First it said that it was only harmful to infants. Then all of a sudden they say that it MUST be harmful because if a kid swallows more than a pea-sized amount of flouride, you should call poison control. Umm...we've known the poison control thing for YEARS and NOW all of a sudden it's OBVIOUS? The stuff in toothpaste is probably more concentrated...I'm sure drinking flouridated water doesn't work as well as brushing your teeth because it's not as strong. Though,
  10. I'm using this with BP and lately my skin has had a few tiny tiny zits and it's been feeling kind of rough...However, I haven't had a single big pimple since then. So should I keep using it? No big zits, but my skin feels weird! When I used Glytone, my skin was soft, but still broke out. Hmm... Doesn't seem to be doing much for MY red marks though, I'm thinking of trying a lactic acid peel...
  11. I'm wondering the same thing bc I was drinking last nite and in the middle of it, I noticed two tiny new zits. Can it be the alcohol though...how can they develop in 3 hours???
  12. I've been using it for a few days and my face is getting itchy. It could also be that I used a GA peel for the first time on Sunday, but I left it on for only about minutes and had no irritation right afterwards. Just the last few days have been itchy, but I think it's the Aqua Glycolic... Maybe it's too strong to use during the peel phase...but in any case, I hope this means that it's working! I think I'll start using it only once a day.
  13. acne_battle, Was it the first GA face wash you ever used? I'm just curious because I just got my Aqua Glycolic, but I'm wondering if there's any reason why it would be better than my Glytone Mild Gel Wash which also had GA.