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  1. try Retin A(tretinoin)and some "Deep Cleansing Nose Strips " . Retin A expels the blackheads to the surface of the skin, while the nose strips lift them away. Also,Retin A works to tighten pores and promotes quick healing of pimples, that way you make sure they dont come back. Hope it helps!
  2. Best of luck to u Swim!! just an advice , dont let ur skin get too dry (like i did) , start moisturizing from day 1, even if u see that ur skin looks shine or feels oily.
  3. dunno why but every time i eat fries and chessburgers my skin breaks out like crazy
  4. Hey Nick Check this out :(will give u more info) http://www.acneguide.com/tf/content.asp?z=74 Im on Accutane 40mg a day , started to see results after just 2 weeks , i would personally recommend accutane to anyone , but u gotta watch out with the side effects.
  5. Hey there !! Good luck with Accutane and with ur gf Im on accutane as well , but 've been too lazy to start my personal log btw , I dont think that u r gonna avoid the dry chapped lips , however u can control it , Personally Im using "vaseline brand Lip Therapy (petroleum jelly) and I find that its helped a Lot . Keep us posted !!
  6. for how long have u been taking Accutane ? is your skin very dry ? I started to get really Dry after 20 days of taking Accutane, didnt put on any moisturizer since day 1 (BIG MISTAKE) so when I got very dry (couldnt even smile) I run to the store to look for some good moisturizer. I couldnt decide between 5 different moisturizer , so I bought them all . "Coppertone Oil Free Faces SPF 30 non comedogenic" = made me break out + experienced a rush. "Neutrogena Oil Free Moisture SPF 15" = did no
  7. are u on Accutane ? what kind of cleanser r u using ?
  8. Best of luck to you , Im sure Accutane is going to clear u up this time !!
  9. Im on accutane 40 mg a day , so far so good. My acne is mild , but my Doctor put me on it cause I started to get bad scars and my acne wouldnt respond to anything . If you have tried almost everything out there and u still have acne or r scarring u should go for it. Yeah ... Accutane has many side effects , but it is the most effective therapy used to treat acne.