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hurt by my skin

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  1. I see that I have a few scars that drive me nuts. I also see that I have rough wrinkly skin under my eyes. If I were to get some sort of scar correction (say Fraxel), would the same procedure correct the wrinkes around my eyes too?
  2. It's so strange that you bumped my post. I was trying to find this post yesterday.
  3. I have a red old zit that is staying there red. I hope it won't be indented. It doesn't mean it will right?
  4. Well this doesn't have a whtie head. And lots of times the whtie heads didn't scar either. I'm predicting this will NOT LEAVE ANY TYPE OF SCAR. NONE AT ALL.
  5. Okay, I got this pimple right by the eye where the laughing lines show up. How do I stop a scar from showing up after the pimple goes away? I guess it's a matter of not doing anything?
  6. Thanks James. It's funny. Some peopel say it works wonders, others say it doesn't work at all.
  7. Does anyone have any success with restylane? Are you happy with the results? About how much did it cost? How often do you have to go? Thanks
  8. That's very encouraging. I know I've wanted to try accupunture for a long time but never had. However, I know for a fact that accupressure worked for my body acne. I'm going to try accupuncture.
  9. How do I get the red marks off of my chest? Is there anything that works? Thanks
  10. Forgive me for asking this again. How do I get the red acne scars off of my chest. They are old blemishes. Thanks
  11. I read somewhere that Brad had Isolagen. I'm not sure if it's true. I never realized cameron diaz was so, so HUMAN!
  12. Thanks. I will. A rosacea groups is defintely a place to find help.
  13. Can needeling work on scars or scarred pores on the nose? I would think it's a difficult section to fix. Does anyone have any success stories in this area? Thanks