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  1. Just get some milk thistle or artichoke extract (for liver detoxification). I would try that first. I used to get forehead acne and it seemed to be a liver issue. Artichoke extract helped. I have read that as well, which is why I cleaned up my diet and also stopped drinking caffeine and alcohol...what have you been doing to address those issues? I'm thinking about trying a liver cleanse, but not sure where to start...
  2. I was going to mention this too. All fermented foods break me out badly, probably because of the histamine content. But certain probiotic supplements have really helped my skin. I was taking Kirkman's acidophilus for awhile and that cleared me up a lot. Now I am taking Enzymedica Pro-Bio and it's working well too. This one is improving my digestion more than the plain acidophilus supplement. I have to avoid bifidobacteria, FOS, and inulin in probiotic supplements. Those ingredients break
  3. I follow the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, which is designed to balance the gut flora, and these 3 ingredients are not allowed on this diet. Inulin and FOS feed both good and bad bacteria, so if you have an overgrowth of bad bacteria, they will exacerbate it. Here's some info on bifidus/bifidobacteria and the SCD: http://www.breakingtheviciouscycle.info/knowledge_base/detail/bifidus/ Personally, I had one of the worst breakouts of my life from a probiotic that contained bifidobacteria (and it di
  4. Have you tried taking probiotics? The reason you break out from all carbs is probably a yeast and/or bacterial overgrowth in your gut, especially since you were on antibiotics in the past. In that case, probiotics should help balance your flora and help you tolerate some carbs. I'd recommend a plain acidophilus supplement. Avoid probiotics with inulin, FOS, and bifidobacterium.
  5. The omega 3-6-9 supplement might be breaking you out. We usually get plenty of omega 6 from our diets and don't need to supplement. And the oils typically used in these types of supplements can cause breakouts for other reasons.They're often rancid, and some of them like flax oil can mess with your hormones. I'd ditch that supp and see if your skin improves. Then add fish oil or cod liver oil for omega 3s, and see if you tolerate that.
  6. How about spearmint tea? http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19585478 By the way, flax seeds/oil break me out like crazy (and I am female). I have a lot of food allergies, and eating foods I'm allergic to always causes breakouts, but I had one of the worst breakouts of my life from flax oil. Vegetable oils like sunflower, safflower, etc. have always broken me out, too. Not sure if it's because of an allergy or because these oils are usually rancid, or both. You should try avoiding anythi
  7. I think that doctor is wrong. I read a study on the cross-reactivity between cow's and goat's milk, and I think, if I remember correctly, they found that about 75% of the people allergic to cow's milk were also allergic to goat's. And cow's milk is one of the most common allergens out there, and allergies are pretty darn common these days. I did tolerate homemade SCD goat's milk yogurt for awhile, several years ago, but it wasn't long before I became allergic to it (I've always been allergic to
  8. I'm very skeptical about a low fat, high carb diet being helpful for a yeast overgrowth. Even if the sugars are being digested and absorbed quickly, they are still in the digestive tract for awhile, where they will feed microorganisms. But it is interesting that this diet seems to have worked for this woman. I will say that I don't think a VERY low or no carb diet is the best answer either, and it may even make a fungal overgrowth worse. This is from an article on the "Perfect Health Diet" w
  9. Many of us don't feel the need to wait around for such studies. We've done our own personal trials and have seen good results. Everyone is different in terms of which foods they can tolerate, and it can take a lot of trial and error to determine which foods are or aren't causing breakouts.
  10. It's probably not the omega 3 fatty acids themselves that break you out, but the sources you are getting them from. Flax seed oil breaks me out terribly, while cod liver oil only improves my skin.
  11. If you are getting 1400 calories from fat, I don't think it would be "primarily all" omega 6. As far as I understand, only polyunsaturated fatty acids are classified as omega 3 or 6. Coconut oil for instance is mostly saturated fat and has little or no omega 3 or 6. So I don't think you need as much fish oil as you think. One or two tablespoons sounds more reasonable. What is the difference between the diet you're on now and the "candida diet" you were doing before? Is it just that you're eatin
  12. You might be breaking out from carbs because of an intestinal yeast or bacterial overgrowth, not necessarily just blood sugar/insulin issues. I used to have the same problem (breaking out from any significant amount of carbs) and I'm doing much better now since I started taking some things for yeast and bacteria. What's been helping me the most is peppermint tea, at least 2 cups a day (has antifungal and antibacterial properties), coconut oil (has antifungal, antibacterial, antiviral properties
  13. I can't handle too many carbs either, but I can eat the following (in reasonable portions): boiled fruit -- I boil apples, frozen blueberries, and a few dates in a little water for about 10 mins., then add coconut oil at the end. boiled carrots winter squash -- I love buttercup squash especially. It's starchier and more filling than other types of squash, but not as starchy as potatoes. But any type of squash is good (butternut, acorn, etc.). Raw fruit always breaks me out, but not cooked. Coo
  14. Olive oil has anti-inflammatory properties: http://www.whfoods.com/genpage.php?tname=foodspice&dbid=132#healthbenefits It certainly doesn't break me out.
  15. I think the problem some of us are having with this (only speaking for myself) is that it's frustrating to read things like "get rid of your intolerances," or "achieve regular bowel movements" as if these are things we can just do. I agree... I don't think anyone can say that any one protocol will accomplish those things for everyone who has food allergies or digestive issues. There are so many factors and everyone is different. For example, I started the Specific Carbohydrate Diet several
  16. Sounds like you have a heck of a lot of food allergies, which probably indicates a leaky gut. I'd suggest cutting out gluten, first of all, since it's a major cause of leaky gut. (I'm guessing you're not gluten-free since you mentioned eating pasta.) You may also have a yeast or bacterial overgrowth (due to the antibiotics), which can cause or exacerbate leaky gut. Treatment for these would usually require a more restrictive diet, probiotics, and perhaps some supplements.
  17. I've heard of people being able to wean off HCl supplements after some time... so I don't think they reduce your own production of stomach acid. I have been supplementing with HCl for years, but I have been able to reduce my dose over time. I've had to address the things that were contributing to my lack of stomach acid production -- yeast and bacterial overgrowth, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, poor adrenal function.
  18. Things can change, though. I used to be able eat high histamine foods and maintain clear skin just by avoiding grains, sugar, etc... but now high histamine foods break me out almost instantly. Probably because my intestinal dysbiosis became worse. Apparently certain bacteria produce histamine and can cause or contribute to a histamine intolerance.
  19. The headache is likely from being in ketosis. Read up on ketosis/ketogenic diets. Personally, I can't handle too many carbs (no fruit, especially if it's raw) due to yeast and bacterial dysbiosis, but I do try to eat enough to stay out of ketosis because I don't feel well in ketosis, and because a ketogenic diet seems to have some long-term risks. I get most of my carbs from winter squash (acorn, butternut, buttercup, etc.), which is SCD-legal and a lot less starchy than sweet potatoes. What d
  20. Same here, although I usually take 500 mg twice a day. I think one of the main reasons it helps (at least for me) is that helps the adrenals produce cortisol, which is anti-inflammatory and reduced allergies. The B5 has significantly reduced my allergies overall, and even allowed me to add one food back into my diet that used to break me out (I was allergic to it). People often talk about cortisol like it's evil, and it can do some harm if it's chronically high, but you need a certain amount of
  21. I would suspect a yeast and/or bacterial overgrowth in your gut. I am dealing with basically the same problem... but can handle a little more carbs now than I could in the past, since I started taking some things to help reduce the yeast and bad bacteria in my gut. This is what has helped me the most: - black tea (very high in tannins, which kill yeast and bad bacteria) - something called ornithine alpha-ketoglutarate (this raises the number of neutrophils in your body -- neutrophils are im
  22. I don't really agree with this. For me, eating certain foods I am allergic to will break me out only on my chin. But so will too many carbs... even from fruit, but especially raw fruit. Boiled fruit is safer for me as boiling reduces the sugar content.
  23. I'm not so sure that fermented foods are good for everyone with acne. I totally agree that the root cause of acne is often leaky gut and imbalanced gut flora, and probiotics should help resolve those issues. However, all fermented foods are very high in histamine, and histamine is an inflammatory chemical that is involved in acne formation. All foods that are high in histamine (fermented veggies, vinegar, canned fish, etc.) will break me out within a few hours. Now, a "histamine intolerance"