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  1. May 2011 Just thought I'd update- been almost a year!. Things same as then- a few zits now and again with very low dose of spiro, but all round I'm pretty happy with my skin!
  2. June 24, 2010 I had a few breakouts in the last year, so returned to take my spiro regularly. It wasn't like the zits covered my face or anything- it's just that I would get a large one (the painful, under the skin kind) now and again and it wouldn't go away for some time and leaves red marks (which still aren't gone after about 7 months though has faded). It could have been spurred by an inactive lifestyle of late and weight gain, which isn't good for anyone with PCOS. I decided to return t
  3. Acne is gone!! No problemos at all. Taking practically zero spiro now and it's great. Maybe i've gained a bit of weight since then (or perhaps just that I'm not exercising as much), but I think that's small price to pay to get off meds. Spiro saved me though!!
  4. Hi, Yeah, my teeth turned green when I was on antibiotics (mincocyline). ugh. It is apparently extremely rare in adults, so I wouldn't worry about it too much. I went to the dentist and she scrubbed all the green stuff off (I have no idea what is was) pretty easily, so no don't have green teeth anymore Hmmm...., I take my spiro really irregularly nowadays and my skin still looks great. By irregularly, I mean every 2 or 3 days, and now I only take 25 mg at a time. I usually take it more t
  5. September 16, 2008 My skin is still perfect! Looking good! It's been over 3 years now, wow. Just thought I'd post to let everyone know that spiro really really worked for me. I am down to 25 mg a day, from 200 mg years ago. Wow! I get the very odd small zit, just like anyone else, but I'm loving this med. I think the retin a does help with blackheads and for drying out new zits quickly.
  6. I hated Dianette- I gained lots of weight, started to feel depressed, and no impact on my skin. It is so strong that it isn't even allowed in the US. I then went on Yasmin and loved it- but I know bc work differently for different people. I've been on spiro for the last 3 years- it is wonderful! It took 4 months to work (and the doctor increased my dosed in between), and since then I've had perfect skin.... I am down to 25 mg a day, from 200 a year ago. I feel wonderful!
  7. November 16, 2007 Just wanted to give an update. Kidneys are still fine after tests earlier this year. Doctor recommended I lower my dose again, so I am now only taking 25 mg twice a day- morning and night, as well as the Yasmin (another 25 mg). I get more occasional zits now, though they aren't near as big as before and they don't leave scarring now- they are more just small occasional white, pale bumps here and there, but they aren't very noticeable and I think it's worth it for less medicati
  8. Feb 26, 2007 Just a quick update. I have been taking a lower dose for the last two months- now at 100mg per day, rather than 200mg. And everything is great!! Get the odd small zit, but in general, very clear. Am quite happy. I also have to go to the washroom less (since spiro is a dieuretic) so am sleeping much better these days! I also feel better that I am not as medicated- if you can avoid medication, I think one should... Expecially, since I heard that tests whowed spiro given to rats reslu
  9. Hi, Yes you can definitely take multi vitamins and spiro- may want to check there isn't a lot of potassium in them though. As for Mirahdez, hang in there. have you tried spiro? lots of times if accutane doesn't work, they put you on spiro if your acne is deemed to be hormonal. I think eating right can have an important role in reducing breakouts and yes, some people (like me) break out a lot from milk. I think it is the hormones they add in North America b/c I am in Europe now and it isn't n
  10. November 15, 2006 Just wanted to give a brief update. Things are still really good over here- very clear and scars may be fading. Rarely get any breakouts and if I do, it is usually only a small one here or there which isn't noticeable and which disappears in a day or two. I am going to try to reduce my dosage to 100-150 mg... Am alternating days I take one pill vs two to do this. No breakouts to report with lower dosage, but maybe more small pimples, which still aren't noticeable. I am goi
  11. Thanks for the post. I am also on spiro and it has been great. I am wondering what you are using for fading the red marks?
  12. Makochan, Don't worry- I am on 200mg too! Yay to screwed up hormones. Goaway, I got great results. Give it a shot.
  13. Majick, Given your age and your history, I would say give spiro a shot b/c it is prob. hormonal. I've been on it for over a year, and it is amazing. Also, I had no inital breakouts (a few have claimed this to be the case, but I don't think it is expected). All it did was reduce oil on my skin- almost immediately. I love this medication! I have a log on here too if you are interested in learning more about my experience.
  14. Hello Eloise, Thanks for reading my log! I think that the log really describes how things changed and my experience and state of mind, etc.... I started with 100mg at first too. I remember that oil reduction was after 5 days or so but really much so after 2 weeks. Then there was a gradual decline in breakouts. I was pretty happy with the progress. Then I was continuing to break out and I got a couple really big ones (which I now have scarring from). I went to my endocrinologist who confirmed
  15. How long did it take you all to see a reduction in oil?? That is my main concern
  16. 14 months IT has been a while since I've posted. Things are really good here. I must say though that the food I eat REALLY impacts my acne. So I really must avoid dairy. That is my number 1 lesson here. If I stay away and keep taking my pills, then my skin is perfect. It is so great to be clear!!!! And the weight is still coming off.... Woo hoo!!
  17. Thanks so much for the quick reply!
  18. Hey Carys, I have some quick questions: how has your mother's acne been over the 15 years since she has been on spiro? Were there any times that triggered it? Also, they say there have been no long term studies on spiro and that rats who were on it for a while developed tumors (everything is cancer-causing these days!)... Has your mother ever addressed this or had any concerns bout the long term effects? Finally, has she been told at what age she is likely to go off it? Thanks!!!
  19. I am approaching a year now on spiro- i was taking 100 mg for the first four months or so. I was still breaking out at month two, just not as regularly as before- my skin was doing pretty good. After four months though on it, I was still getting consistent break-outs. They upped my dose to 200 mg and about a month after that, i was very clear and have remained so until now. Spiro has been wonderful!!!
  20. Yes you are really lucky... As a Canadian living in the U.S. at the moment, I must say Canadian prescrpiptions are so much cheaper.... I believe the government subsidizes pharmaceutical companies or something there because of universal health....
  21. Happy to hear you're looking good Mae. I've ben diagnosed with PCOS. I have written about it here and also in my log if you want to read more about my experience over the last year, since my diagnosis. Hope you keep clear!
  22. Spiro has really been doing wonders for me so I would encourage you to try it. MJS, I would go back to your derm and find out what is up. You may need a heavier dose now as your condition may have changed (entirely possible according to my endocrinologist). I don't think so much it is that spiro stops working i just think the conditions it has to fight can change when hormones are involved. Have you changed anything in your lifestyle these days? A quick update (I posted more in my lo
  23. Yeah, the book says eating is most important in losing weight. That said, obviously the combination of the two is most desirable. Please let me know what you think- this book has been such a help in educating me and assisting with the weight loss. Month 9 A quick update here. My skin is looking very good. The endocrinologist said it looked great and I am in good shape all round, including my weight. Seems like everything is under control. She renewed my prescription for a year and a ha
  24. I will tell you straight out- the main thing is diet, not exercise. When losing weight, about 75 % is what you eat. To maintain weight, however, it is 25%. I have read a lot about nutrition. check out this book: meal Patterning by Chris Johnson Super healthy, holistic approach. It really helped me educate myself. It also gives exercises and training logs in the back of the book. I love it! oh, and some excellent recipes.
  25. Hi there, Thanks for posting your story. I totally understand your experience as well- I have read a lot about PCOS. I just wanted to say that it isn't only for acne maintenance per se that I use spiro- because I did have other PCOS symptoms- few menstrual cycles, easy weight gain, and the acne. And even when my hormones were checked after I was on spiro and everything was good, the endo still said I have PCOS. As such, I got to stay on spiro. That said, my weight gain wasn't completely abnorm