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  1. Ha ha ha......well pardon me if indents in people's skin doesn't get me off.
  2. some girls think regular scars are hot.......not acne scars ew
  3. Ha ha ha......one night me and my girls went on that for hours. Our criteria was all over the place; "Aww, he has a kitty in his arms, give him a 10","That one has pretty hair...10","Ewww, he's holding a gun while sitting in a tank, he gets 1"......ha ha ha, we're so cute.
  4. Yeah, your style and look is 100% not me. But you are a good looking guy. My own little tip - take that gel out of your hair.
  5. Two years, eh? I'm sure you'll be fine. Just stick to a regimen, and don't irritate your skin.
  6. Well, first off, you need to remember that your life could be worse. It seems so difficult to think that, given your circumstances, but chances are your situation could be worse. Before people can value you, you have to value yourself. You say that the only time your happy is when you get what you want. Well, sorry to say, but with that sort of attitude, you'll never be happy. We can't always get what we want, no matter how we try. You just have to keep faith in yourself. That's the number one t