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  1. so your doctor kept giving you tetracycline even though it was wearing off? Didnt your doctor konw that it would stop working eventually ? THe point of antibiotics is to clear you up temporarily so that you can take a more effective treatment such as accutane or something
  2. Tin3, you are a horrible ugly person (and im not just talking about the outside)
  3. using concealer actually works pretty good, i just grabbed some from my mom and i use it whenever i get a noticeable red mark or whatever, it helps cover it up pretty good
  4. ive had it since I was 17, it was alot worse before now I wouldnt even consider it mild (im now 20), im on tetracycline now to help copmletely clear my up, ive been told by my doctor that I will outgrow it in my mid twenties but i dont want to wait till im 25, thats 5 years from now 3 years with acne has already been enough
  5. Why would you ask your doctor for concealer ? Go to the makeup counter at your local department store Dude fuck missing class because of acne man, so youve got acne, so do I, and I go to university too because I pay for it myself and its not worth missing classes just because im not satisfied with how my face looks (even though half the people in my class wouldnt even care). You're digging your own grave my friend...
  6. i have freckles on my face, chicks dig them
  7. well its helping so far, i havent gotten a new pimple since i started taking it, my face looks good, i think my doctor is going to get me to use it until my skin is clear then hes gonna put me on someting else to help keep it clear
  8. i used tea tree oil on a cyst and its almost dead after 2 days
  9. I know how you feel bro, it fucking sucks doesnt it? But what can you do, I look in the mirror and feel like a fucking freak, but feeling like shit and telling myself that I look like shit all day isnt gonna make my acne better. I just gotta suck it up