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  1. My acne got crazy when I was working night shifts last year even though I was sleeping 8-10 hours per day, so from personal experience I would say that WHEN you sleep does make a difference just as much as how many hours you sleep and the quality of sleep.
  2. It is a proven fact, I thaught most people knew this. I guess for a an adolecent boy it would be less though.
  3. Hey, thanks ambivalent. Sounds tasty, I'll have to try that tonight, I'm getting bored of tuna with sweetcorn/ tuna with spring onion all the time, should be a nice variation
  4. Dairy has no effect on my acne atall, infact I'd even go as far as saying it HELPS, i think I react more to sugar and chemically foods.
  5. All those toxins....... can't be good.
  6. Thanks for the replies guys, I'v been eating tuna for 3 days straight now and I'v had no breakouts so its looking good so far im not a big fan of eating raw animal products. Get yourself checked for Salmonella contamination. ←
  7. what are you worrying about man? i see no acne.......
  8. avoiding protein isn't healthy atall, your body needs protein to function properly, everyone should ingest atleast 100g's of protein per day. Just be careful about WHERE you get that protein.
  9. Hi, Can somebody please give me advice? I'v managed to get rid of my acne through good diet and drinking 3 litres of water per day, but it is having a detrimental effect on my my weight training because I'm not getting enough protein to build lean muscle and I'm also losing weight which is not good. To reach my daily protein needs I'm going to start eating canned tuna, does anyone know how this will effect my acne? (I'v been living on nothing but raw/boiled fruit and veg for the past few weeks
  10. maybe you have the water/lemon ratio wrong, try using the same amount of lemon but with more water.
  11. I have been doing this for a few months, also I don't eat processed foods very much either. I'm 100% clear, my mind is sharper and I look healthier too.