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  1. I've been on klaron for about 2-3 weeks and I have not had an initial breakout. My face is not clear yet but I am happy with the progress since I am using klaron alone-most people use it with another topical-and it is gentle on my skin. Plus, it has improved the condition of my skin so much already. At this rate, easy and slow, my face will be grwat within a couple of weeks. Ne way, I have not heard of anyone with an initial breakout from klaron. However, are you using it in conjunction with an
  2. It depends on what they look like. They may go away on their own. I have red marks on the side of my cheeks as well and some of them have that shallow indented look and since the red marks have faded, the indention seems to be filling up. Again, it depends on how they look like. Maybe you should post a pic and ask everyone's opinions. Good luck!
  3. Hang in there, man. I feel ugly most of the time too. I use to be able to spend the night anywhere after a hard night of partying but I cant ne more bc I'm insecure of how I look without makeup on. Its an awful feeling!
  4. I used the Aveeno SA foam cleanser and it was alright-didnt irritate but unless u got real mild acne, its not gonna do anything 4 ur skin. Plus, their moisturizer line broke me out. ne way, i stopped using the cleanser bc it didnt do anything 4 my acne but t didnt make it worse neither. good luck.
  5. Matt, that was an awesome post! Yes, we should all hold on to hope. Without hope, its hard to achieve anything. My skin is sometimes a rollercoaster- good skin day, bad skin day, etc.- but I am still holding onto my hope that this will end soon. Again, thanks for your awesome post. Welcome to the US of A!!! Vivian
  6. Hey, good luck on your regimen, but if it doesnt work, go for klaron-its a prescription and can be expensive without insurance, but the bottle is big and would probably last for months, but good luck with everything. By the way, your skin looks quite amazing. I wouldnt worry ab it if I were u.
  7. Different people have different effects when it comes to acne and diet. I guess it just depends on what causes your acne. Personally, for me, diet does not effect my acne. I tried eating nothing but salads, grilled chicken, and water for months and my skin was still the same. However, there are some people that sweras that their healthy diet improves the condition of their acne. I dont think either group is more credible than the other. It is like trying to find the right regimen for yourself-on
  8. Try Klaron. Its a prescription lotion and its so gentle!!! I think it'd probably work good for mild acne. I have more moderate acne. Ne way, check with your derm to see if it'd be right for you. Its the only acne medication I've ever used that I haven't gotten a reaction or irritation against. Plus, full results are suppose to be seen in ab a month-not long at all. I have been using it for only 2 weeks and my skin complexion is a lot better, although the acne is not gone yet. If you're curious,
  9. Klaron is prescribed by a dermatologist. If you go under the Product Ratings link on this site, you'll find that a lot of people have a lot of good things to say ab Klaron. It is listed under "Sodium Sulfacetamide." Its so gentle. I didnt think it'd work at first bc it seriously feels like water (its that gentle!), yet I've noticed some major changes on my face! I have this HUGE cyst on my right cheek. Usually, it takes 1-2 week for cysts to go away for me, but after 3 days, it is shrinking amaz
  10. Hey! Ne one out there tried klaron 10% lotion. The main ingredient in it is called sodium sulfacetamide. I've been using it for ab a week now and I just wanted to let everyone know thatit works pretty good on me. Its like a clear liquid and its awesome. No irritation whatso ever and so far, my face feels the best its felt in awhile. I just wanted to let everyone know this since there isn that much information on klaron. ne one used this? feel free to share!
  11. I dont try to dress up neither. I dont want to draw attention to myself. At first, I would try to dress nice and put on make-up but then I would feel shitty anyway bc of my skin so why bother? sucky feeling!
  12. Erpatter:yea, man, I'm back. I never really left, but just didnt come on as much but yup, I'm back. haha. thanks fo the "good luck." hope you're doing good too! tscorpio24: thanks for the words of advice, girl, but my acne is not mild! haha. probably moderate right now...or worse. ugh. thanks for the encouragement though, girl. sure do need it. Day 4 Ok, so I thought I'd give my skina break and not apply anything on it today but I will get back on it tommorow-after I call my derm. Just to be
  13. It is realy hard to truly commit yorself to someone else, be there for them through thick and thin, all of that, when you are self-conscious of yourself and can't get past the way you look. I know that right now, I feel horrible about the way I look and my bf and I just broke up. Although I am sad, I think, maybe this was for the best bc I could not be there for him and help him through things when he needed me-all because of the way I look. It makes me feel horrible but again, until I love myse
  14. God, my skin is getting really oily, like I can see the oils oozing out of my pores, especially in my t-zone area, which is really disgusting. My face is getting real itchy and there are bumps everywhere-all over my forehead, nose (which kinda hurts), and cheeks. God, I hope this means its working!
  15. Digikitten, I am sorry about your boyfriend-dont worry, things will get better. Time heals everything. Just wanted to tell you that you give me a lot of hope with my acne. I am on the topical version of accutane-tazorac and in your pictures, at 2 months, you were pretty clear, so I have a lot of hope. If this doesnt work, next step for me would be accutane. ne way, you look gorgeous!
  16. Blitzjade-thanks for the advice! You give me hope! Day 3 Ok, my skin is very bumpy-especially all over my forehead and nose. Its like little red, rough bumps all over the place. It looks totally gross. I dont have to be anywhere this weekend so I am just going to go sans makeup bc if I applied makeup right now, god, I know it'd look like shit! These bumps suck ass. However, my face has not started to peel yet. Why not? I want it to start peeling cuz then I'll feel like its working. ah....it itc
  17. Day 2 I woke up this morning with tiny red bumps all over the places that I applied the tazorac last night. Somehow, I expected this. My eyes stung when I woke up but it wasnt too bad. Only for a minute. And my skin was itchy but it also wasnt too bad. The only thing ab my skin is that its red in splotches-like the places I applied tazorac. Again, nothing too horrible, but still...Man, oh, man do I HATE beginning a new regimen, but if this one works, excuse me, when it works, this will be the FI
  18. Ok, guys. I have been here before. I stopped using all topicals except for St. Ives Medicated Scrub for the past month and a half. I use to use it and it kept my skin clear. Ne way, although my face is better than it was at the beginning of summer, it is FAR from clear-several whiteheads, pustules, and RED MARKS! Damn, I thought I's be clear by now! Ne way, so I went to the derm today. I did some research prioir and I had really wanted to be put on Klaron since I've read such good reviews from
  19. Yea, my dad had acne kinda like him...just not as much in quantity but his face has always had buches of cysts and its always real red. And accutane does not clear EVERYONE bc my dad was on it and it didnt keep him completely clear. It came back. Now, he's in his 40's and his skin problem is getting better-thank God. The weird thing is, we're from Asia, and my dad had completely beautiful, clear, baby skin when he was in Asia. After ab a year of being in the states, he started getting cystic a
  20. I started using this mask ab 2 years ago! It halped me stay clear for SOOO long. Then I stopped for awhile-dont remember why-I just started using it again. I only leave it on for like 30 minutes, though. I am going to try leaving it on for 3 hours and if it helps, then I maybe I will try the overnight thing. Back then when I use to use this, I used it often and it kept my skin SOO clear. And in addition, I would always put it on before going out on a date or something. Sounds gay but it really d
  21. Hey I'm asian too! Gossipping bitches? C'mon guys-that happens in every culture! I am a tan asian (Vietnamese-Chinese) and I can already see that getting rid of red/brown spots is going to be a pain in the ass-that would be the ONLY reason why I think paler skin peeps have it better-dont their red spots go away faster, in general? Ne way, whatever. Just wanted to say I'm asian too-haha.
  22. I get those on my lips sometimes, but not for a couple months-maybe like a couple of days. I think it is definitely from bp and any other topicals you might be using. Dont apply bp on your lips! Its not recommeded. I basically just got some anti-bacterial soap and I would wash my mouth/lips in the morning, before bed, and anytime I ate. Then just pat it dry with a clean towel and then apply some chapstick-blistex, carmex...try to see if that works and if the conditions dont improve within a week
  23. There's a good chance since its got SA in it and that exfoliates. But of course, there are othere things you need to do as well, like stay outta the sun. I use the St. Ives Medicated Apricot Scrub and the red spots that I had gotten from pimples from 2-3 months ago hve faded . 2-3 months is pretty quick considering I'm asian and I have tan skin. Good luck.