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  1. I had posted a question about eczema on my hands that was diagnosed by a dermatologist, but now I am confused! I did what someone told me to do and went onto Dr. Stolls BB and was reading up on my condition that comes and goes but really never leaves. I read that eczema will affect the fingers and the top of the hand but it does not affect the palms of the hand. HELP!!!! My condition, affects all of my hands, the fingers, the back of the hand, the palms and the wrist area as well. I realise that
  2. I am new to the forum and have a few questions regarding eczema. First of all, I have heard fom numerous people that the problem lies in the body (liver) to not be able to break down certain enymes. In so, I would assume a diet of certain foods would help the situation. Other people have said that it is an atopic allergy that is from contact with certain chemicals. My main concern is the ubearable discomfort that I go through constantly. During these times, my hands get to the point that ev