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  1. Yes same thing has happened to me I get really really red in situations which are not really even embarrasing. Sometimes when I am just talking to someone. I have been off accutane just over a month and it hasn't faded at all
  2. I have this problem, I finsihed a 4 month course and my face gets red really easily and sometimes stays red for a couple of hours. When it goes red it only goes red under the eyes so it looks like I have really bad sunburn. My derm told me this would go away gradually but I am skeptical.
  3. Hi I don't want to sounds negative but I started on 30mg and got a terrible initial breakout but everyone is different. After 1 month on 30mg I went up onto 60mg and thats when my acne stopped. I was on my course for 4 months and stopped 2 days ago, I haven't had a new spot in around 1 1/2 months just red marks now.
  4. Also when I blush my neck goes blotchy red and so does my upper chest and back so I think mine is more serious than most peoples. I told and showed my derm. this and I stopped the roaccutane course. I was on it for 15 weeks so that should be long enough for my acne not to come back as it did clear all of my acne. My derm said the blushing rash thing should gradually go; anyone else have this?
  5. Yer I didnt really get much flushing when I was on 30mg but now that Im on 60mg I get it
  6. When I get flushed, it just looks like im sunburnt, I get the redness underneath my eyes and my nose. Sometimes the redness stays for 30 minutes or a couple of hours before finally going. Anyone else get this?
  7. Bump Is this still working for you bailyjames and is anyone else using this?
  8. What I want to know is does this go away after accutane? I want to know if I should stop taking accutane immediatly
  9. Well when you are talking to someone and you turn a scarlet colour its a bit different
  10. Yes I also think that it is becomming a worse problem than my acne
  11. Thats good to hear, what situations are you in when you get flushed and do you get really really red?
  12. You got any good way to treat it?