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    I study and I sleep and in between those I eat... And when I'm not out saving the world, you can catch me with the latest Mary Higgins clark, or a good thriller film
  1. fiction

    MARK my words

    Well. Good Morning! Why I am posting in this particular forum, I am not sure. I dont have red marks, rather, due to the fact that I am a darker human being, I have... dark marks! Wow, eating steak for breakfast after popping on facebook, sure makes me a silly one, let me tell you! Anyway, I was just writing because I am currently couped up in my house under voluntary hermit status due to my doing ( haha, i like that line) a chemical peel that, as of day 4 ( today) has me looking like the love
  2. fiction

    Water Therapy

    Yup, I'm going to have to job on the bandwagon of this whole drinking 1.5 liters in the morning. I started yesterday and am....amazed. If something like this doesn't help your skin, even a teeny bit, I would be surprised. By the way andersoj, nice mustache Thanks for posting about this!
  3. There will be skeptics everywhere, put sometimes some of the wierdest most ridiculous things work. While I have yet to attack my own mites, I will say that since we are all covered in microscopic bugs anyway, it could stand to reason that they could be screwing with your progress.
  4. fiction

    Ear Acne: Am I a Freak?

    You are by no means a freak, I've had terrible ear acne for a couple years now! All over, back front, inside, outside, sometimes so bad I couldn't sleep on that side cause they got so big. Nast, I know. Anyway, best things for them 1. Tea tree oil 2. BP spotting 3. when I eat a lot of fruit ( fruit sugar) they get ridiculous- I'm real sensitive to sugar period. 4. Could be an allergy- like the rest of your facial acne, lol. Hey, you never know 5. Clean your cellphone or earphones and try to slee
  5. fiction

    Facebook anyone?

    Hey Healthoid, I just added you on facebook. My name is Sarah and I too am a super veteran on here. Don't you all just love the way technology brings us all together , lol
  6. fiction

    Showerhead water filter

    Definitely! Water filters ( shower) really seem to help me out and keep my skin from drying out. Where I go to school in northern Florida. the water is really hard and highly chlorinated ( I can smell it and taste it in the tap- yuck) So last year I bought a shower filter from Lowes for about $ 20. It cleared up the acne on my back and I wasn't scratching after I got out of the shower like I usually did. Also I use it to wash my face and it does seem to help, though my diet frequently sucks so
  7. As confident as you are Necro, which I feels borders on cocky and a little arrogant, you are right. I'm a 22 year old female and have had acne since I was thirteen. Any guy who would approach me with a great amount of confidence ( regardless of whether or not he has acne) is such a turn on. Also you are right about it being so much in your head. I lived " in my head" for the last four years being severely depressed and anti-social because of my face, so not worth it considering the time I wast
  8. fiction

    what do u miss most?

    I too miss the care free lifestyle as well. Carbs though, food wise. I've never really liked chocolate all that much or candy for that matter, I just miss bread and hate when I go out to eat with family or friends and everyone dives in the bread basket and I'm all like " Oh, I can't." I also miss cereal, I swear I could have married Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Cracklin Oats or Waffle Crisps had it not been for my face, lol Adam, what kind of a diet do you eat?
  9. fiction

    What is your "Trigger Food"?

    Wow, excellent article sweetjade. Oh yeah, I just wanted to thank you by the way. I joined acne.org in like 2005 and yours were some of the first posts that took me in the direction toward clearer skin. I am by no means perfectly clear, but your knowlegde and insight through the years have really been so helpful
  10. fiction


    turned 22 in March! Have had acne sinc I was 13, and found and started posting in this particular forum when I was 18 turning 19 when it was at its peak. Seriously for all you younger ones, the Nutrition and Holistic Health forum is where you will find the most help, I believe. I first came on to that emo section, but found the sadness and negativity not helpful if not detrimental to me. In here, even if you don't clear up 100% you'll still clear up even if its really small, once you experiment
  11. fiction

    acne locations map to food?

    Okay, John this is mine. I'm 22 and have had acne since I was 13 so I know my body and skin well enough to know where things get distributed when I eat stupidly, even healthy foods cause me problems. This is my acne location food reaction run down. Soy- congestion in my throat, screwed up menstraul cycle, oily skin, and non-inflammed breakouts on forehead Pork- any pork products- breakouts under my chin and jawline Citrus-any citrus- cluster of pimples near the sides of my mouth and cysts th
  12. fiction

    Natural Sunbutter

    I have and its delicious! The only reason I stopped eating it was because I was eating soo much of it., which due to its higher fat content, was beginning to break me out. Also though it has 3 grams of sugar, I would be careful about how much you use. I found it to be so much better than peanut butter. If you don't breakout from sunflower seeds then give it a try. It would be the other ingredients like the cane juice or mixed tocepherols that would be suspect if you did notice increased oiliness
  13. Same here. I severely lack family support,lol. My mom understands why I do it and doesn't get mad because when I come home from college on weekends I eat all the vegetables they have left over in their fridge that no one there wants to eat. I eat meat and vegetables with the occasional fruit here and there and my skin has a school girl crush on this particular diet. The only thing my mom is upset about is the fact that She thinks I should be at least eating brown rice or oatmeal. You have to t
  14. fiction

    Photos of my face *NEW PICS 3/10*

    Hey RC, I justed wanted to say that perhaps I'm a little in love with you! Haha! Your attitude on life is wonderful and I've been in the same exact boat ( well not a boat exactly, more like a thimble in water- okay that didn't make sense) as you. I have had acne since I was thirteen, I'm 22 now. It never bothered me in high school that much, but when I went to college it went all loony tunes on me and I couldn't control it for about 2 1/2 years. When I was twenty I got all four of my wisdom teet
  15. I loved the way you wrote that. It was so damn funny! I almost choked! Oh those silly little derms, I know the type. At least yours sounded like he could look you in the eye. My derm seems to have ADD whenever I have a question, and about the food thing when I asked him- he gave me a big fat skeptical look like " Oh poor stupid child"and I swear he was going to pat me on the head or something. I'm glad your doctor said that, maybe they will all start admitting the truth from here on out. I'd li