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    i lik to paint prety pictres, and go fr long wolks in the parc.
  1. I did my first one yesterday. 30% Glycolic acid left it on for 2 - 3 mins then neutralised, then washed off. My skin went bit red and stang a wee bit, the shortly after, I went to bed. So this morning my red marks seem to be a bit....well, redder. Is that normal after the first peel? I'm assuming they'll fade down to their normal level after a while.
  2. This breakout, I hope it doesn't leave new red marks? Or does the presence of GA keep the hyperpigmentation from occurring?
  3. I've decided to try the 30% GA peel as well after reading this. I'm sick of these red marks, some of them have been on my face for over 3 years now, enough's enough!
  4. Just open the dump up to posting - anyone with half a brain will stay out of there so won't be offended by what's going on. Though I suppose you have to think of the perception of people looking at the site to endorse Dan's products or first time viewers. Forget I said anything.
  5. Oxytetracycline worked a treat for me, on 2 seperate occasions. I don't see why sunlight should be a problem, unless he was talking about the red marks you may be left with after the spots disappear?
  6. Ifd you think about it, after you apply the bp, there is a thin layer left on the surface of your skin. Moisturising will rub the excess BP into the skin, which can only be a good thing.
  7. I take it off slowly but firmly. I do it around 4 times a week, no more as my skin won't tolerate it. Some people report an improvement within a month or so, but mine takes slightly longer. I have no idea about acid peels but there are plenty of threads about them.
  8. It should be just the same for both teenagers and adults. As you say, acne is acne.
  9. The BP made my existing red marks more prominent immediately, but it makes no difference after a few months, to me anyway.
  10. You may break out - I found that after I stopped antibiotics i was clear for 3 months or so before the acne came back. So it depends on you really, everybody's acne is different.
  11. The way you worded your post, it sounds like you don't moisturise that often. You have to moisturise, at least once a day. Don't ever stop moisturising. Do it twice a day if its still dry.
  12. Ah! I sometimes get this. I think its to do with the fact that i do my face in 4 different sections - each cheek, the chin then forehead. The residue collects where the boundaries meet, but disappear when I moisturise.
  13. I think they both do what they're supposed to do, but soap is very often too drying to use on the face, especially one which normally has BP applied to it.
  14. Are you actually rubbing it in, or just putting it on your face and leaving it there?