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  1. I hope this course of Accutane kicks the acne's ass! Good luck and I'll keep checking in!
  2. Yay! Great progress!!! I'm also having the lovely rash problem, except it's almost always either on my hand or the back of my lower arms by my elbows. Did they give you Triamcinolone Ointment to put on it? It's incredibly sticky but I tolerate it so I can get rid of those itchy bumps.
  3. Hehe, war paint. I love that. That's exactly what my makeup is! I'm not that brave yet to go without my makeup. I see far too many people throughout the day to not put makeup on, plus my scars make me feel uncomfortable. I know, you can see them even when I'm wearing my makeup, but it makes me feel better. LOL. I hope your spot heals fast! I'm trying not to mess with mine for fear that I will make it 10 times worse.
  4. AAAAAH! I think I gynxed myself! I have 1 pretty bad new comedone on my left cheek bone area. It HURTS. The pain when I walk is still here and I have a feeling it will be until after my treatment is over with. I need to get a wheelchair so i don't have to stand up. Also, my back is pretty bad. I keep going to massage therapy sessions every 2 weeks, but the last time the girl did more damage than help. I know she was trying to get the knots out but holy cow it hurt!!! I went home and was like "I
  5. Sorry I haven't posted lately! I've been so busy with work and everything. I officially start month 3 today. I have had NO acne for a whole month. (*knock on wood*) My skin is still incredibly dry along with my lips. And I still have that lovely accutane rash. It's now moved to my chest. People have commented on it saying that I got a sunburn and really, it's not. Just looks that way. I also have this horrible pain in my feet when I stand up after sitting down for too long. I bought some Ale
  6. Day?? I'm not really sure what day it is. Oh well. I still have crazy dry skin, but that's Ok. My back is really bad lately. It is really bad wren I am-in one position for too long. also getting up after sleeping has been pretty bad. my feet have been killing me! Other than that , most of the symptoms have gone away. I only have one active spot near my mouth. Anyway, I hope everyone has an awesome weekend! Sorry it's still incredibly boring.
  7. Day 31 Had my derm appointment today. They are a little worried about my Triglycerides as the first time they tested I was 93 and now I'm 195, so they are having me tested again. She's not too concerned about it really. I was given a script for Triamcinolone 0.1% Oint because I have a lovely rash on my arms. She took one look at my back and said "Wow, you're really dry." I really don't want to look at my back now. LOL. So, I'm now patiently waiting for them to update the Ipledge system so I can
  8. Hrm, my derm chose to start me at a higher dose right away. I have no clue if I'm going to be upped dosage wise(apt is tomorrow). Anyways, the real reason why I'm posting...where are you getting your Vitamin A less MVI? I've looked ALL OVER for one and can't find it. I would really like to avoid online ordering but I think I may have to.
  9. Day 30 I took my last pill this morning. It's going to suck being without for a day. Altho I don't think 1 day will make much of a difference. New and improved symptoms folks! My arms are CRAZY alligator scaly. They are soooo rough and dry, and when I put moisturizer on them it burns like my face used to. I have also noticed a slight rash there as well. (TMI INC!!!) Also, the past couple of days when I have a bowel movement it kinda hurts. I mean, im not constipated or anything it just hurts...
  10. Day 25 Man, I lost count of the days. The IB hasn't really arrived like I thought it was going to. I got 3 actives and that's it. And they are really tiny and aren't bothering me. So really, this is nothing. I go see my derm on the 12th and I haven't done my lab values yet...do you think if i get them done tomorrow they will be ready in time?! Crap, I should have done it last week but I had such a killer headache. The rash/itchyness is about the same, although I have been itching in my sleep app
  11. Day 20 I can't believe how the time seems to just fly by. Day 20 already?! It seems like I may be seeing the first signs of an IB. I had a lovely spot pop up on the right side of my nose by my eyebrow. It looks oh so lovely. /sarcasm I also had one pop up on the left side under my mouth. My skin has also changed in appearance, or so it seems to me. I was done peeling on my nose until this morning when I started sneezing violently and took off a chunk of skin. Burned like hell when I washed my f
  12. Hehe raisin lips..that's hilarious. I've been so self conscious about my raisin lips and my crazy chapped nose. People probably think I've had some crazy cold. Good luck with your treatment. I'm glad that the owner took charge and is giving you the exact treatment you need.
  13. Day 18 Finally a day where I don't have to wear makeup!! I don't know why I'm so happy about that, but I am. It's too much work sometimes! No new actives, and the one on my chin has calmed down. I still have a bunch of little black dots all over under my skin, but they aren't noticeable. The pores on my nose seem to be trying to expel all of the crap in them. One of them was bugging me last night so I took some tweezers and grabbed a hold of it and pulled it out. It was weird, and it left a cr
  14. Your so lucky you aren't getting dry yet. My skin itches like crazy!!! Also, your daughter might be curious about her body parts. I wouldn't worry unless she's doing it a lot.
  15. Yes, thank you hon. Day 16 Still incredibly dry. I bought Aquaphor the other day and have been applying nightly. I haven't seen much of a difference but it's only been 2 nights so I suspect I won't really see results for another couple of days. The inside of my nose is crazy chapped. It doesn't help that my allergies have been acting up so when I sneeze I irritate it and then my nose starts bleeding. I only have 1 breakout on my chin. I was a bad girl and tried to push it out. That wasn
  16. First of all, I do not think you could EVER look like a cow in your wedding dress. From the picture you posted up earlier, you are beautiful and you are in good shape! I too have been getting weird spots on my arms where ive either scratched too hard and nicked myself or well, I have no clue. Good luck with your treatment!! I'll keep an eye out for new posts.
  17. Day 13 The dryness of my skin is incredibly annoying. I swear, I'm going to have to buy that greasy moisturizer the dermatologist gave me samples of to put on at night because it's just, rediculous. Also, my lips look like hell. It's just, sad. On top of all this, I have to start taking Amoxicillin tomorrow because I'm having a root canal on Thursday. Not sure how that is going to react with everything, but I hope I do ok. Also, forgot to add that on Friday I'll be getting my blood drawn again
  18. Thankyou!! It was really cloudy all weekend so I didn't get burned!! Yay! It's now day 12 and I still have the same symptoms that I've had, except the peeling around my nose has lessened. I can't tell if it's from the gentle exfoliation daily or if it's just slowly tapering off. I'm a bit sensitive to anything put on my face now. Even my Moisture Surge makes my skin burn a little bit. It doesn't last long, but those first few seconds make it seem like my skin is on fire. I was also bad this w
  19. Day 10 Man, my face is getting dry! It's crazy. In the morning when I put on my SPF lotion, it BURNS. It may be because I do gentle exfoliation in the morning. I have no clue. For the most part, I'm doing pretty well. Lips are crazy chapped. I just want to slather tons of moisturizer on my face all the time. It's hilarious. During the middle of the day it feels like my face is in a mask or something, or like my skin is going to crack because it's so dry. You know when you have a mask on and it
  20. Thankyou! It was just timing that I cleared up a lot before I started Accutane. Go figure. Well at least this will prevent it from coming back like it always does. Day 9 I had a breakout...on my back. My face was hardly even touched. I have 1 that was on my left cheek but it's been there for a while so it's just kinda hanging out still, but really, nothing is happening other than dryness and my back taking a hit. No one sees my back anyways so I could care less. I met with a photographe
  21. Haha! I wonder where I would put my bandaid...maybe on my chin kinda sideways...hrm. I have the problem with picking as well, but since I've had skin to peel off my nose instead I've been pretty content (it's sad but it's so true).
  22. Day 8 Today was a pretty good day overall. I went to Walgreens after work and bought some Neosporin Lip Health Daily Hydration Therapy with SPF 20. It's really smooth and it feels really good on. I've noticed that my lips are taking a huge hit hydration wise. I looked in the mirror at work, and a layer of skin was trying to come off of my lips, so I helped it along because it felt weird and looked odd. I don't know if I'm going to end up kicking myself in a week, but i bought some MAC foundati
  23. HAHA!! That's hilarious! I wonder how much it is to send something with dry ice....
  24. Hi! Just started reading your log and your face is looking amazing! I'm so sorry to hear about you and your boyfriend. He's not worth your tears.