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  1. i have had fabulous results with 20 mg/day accutane. been on it almost 2 months and i am completely clear. i will stay on it for 5 months. i had an initial break out of 3 zits during my second week. i wish i had been on this low of a dose the first 2 times. side-effects are minimal to barely noticeable. go with it... you'll be surprised. i don't regret it at all and have absolutly no horror stories to share like when i was on 100 mg/day twice before. low dose IS THE WAY TO GO with accutane.
  2. be careful with those!!! i have contributed extensively to another thread about atrophy caused by cortisone injections. shit, if you're on accutane, the cyst isn't going to last as long as it would it you weren't on accutane. i highly suggest you check out that thread.... http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php...opic=38104&st=0
  3. anti-biotics: 1)Cleocin 2)doxycycline 3)minocycline 4)bactrim 5)erythromycin Topicals: 1)azelex 2)celocinT 3) clindagel (clindomycin and tea tree oil in one concoction) 4)differin 5)BP (when i was in Junior high and PanOxyl was still a prescription) 6)Isotrex 7)Retin A 8)Klaron 9)Clindettes 10)sulfur 11)most of NeoStrata AHA products have always stayed away from the OTC stuff as suggested by various derms. this list is meant to represent from about age 12-27. took accutane at 17/18 (can't
  4. i beg to differ with all of the above... i have never had a problem tolerating any of the above afrementioned topicals. i used isotrex after my second round of accutane and it worked great for about a year.... start with every other night as suggested by one of the posters. retin-a, i feel, is great. i'm still using it while on low-dose accutane and i always wear sunscreed which helps a lot with the sideeffects. give it a shot... follow the instructions.. don't obsess... everything takes time.
  5. i have complete my first month of low dose accutane (started at 30mg/day but went down to 20 cause i hated the side effects) and I am very excited. this is my third time taking accutane (first two times were at 100 mg/day) and just for mild persisten acne and the occasional cyst. at the end of this first month i cam completely clear, have very soft skin, and my skin tone is more even, looks more pulled together, and completely flawless... red marks are gone and everything. i have slightly chap
  6. VIADERM!!!! that's the prescription name in Canada.... probably different elsewhere but here are the ingredients: Nystatin, neomycin, gramicidin, TRIAMCINOLONE ACETATE i'm telling ya.... it's great... takes the swelling down and the chapness... use it twice a day and vaseline in between. i'm on my third course of accutane and i immidiately got this as well (not a prescription in asia... but then again not much is ) another brand name for it is Kenacomb ointment.
  7. Viaderm (prescription)... that's the name in canada... not sure about the rest of the world. i'm sure your derm would know an equivalent
  8. definately depends on the angle and lighting! looks wretched under flourescent lighting. i think there's still restylane in it... supposed to last 6 months
  9. i have vitiligo and they never started off scaly or dry. but you're right, they won't tan. look at all like this? i only have a few patches.. one on my elbow which i've picture below, and a few spots on my hands which are only noticeable when i'm tanned. i've tried various treatments over the years (even though i don't really care cause it's so mild) and one of the creams i've been given is called Protopic and is normally used for eczema. unfortunaly vitligo is hard to treat. sometimes this pat
  10. I'm 27 too... cant beleive i'm still having to deal with skin problems. this is my third course of accutane. I live in asia now and they go the low-dose route so i'm on 20 mg/day. i was initally put on 30 but the side effects drove me sideways so i went down to 20. i'm almost 3 weeks into it and have no side effects at all. lips are a tiny bit dry but nothing Viaderm doesn't help. i'm still using retin-a at night and clyndagel in the morning. i haven't had a huge breakout and i hope i don't.
  11. clinique gentle cream cleanser or cetaphil
  12. your advice came true last night when i woke up with a very itchy face... felt like chicken pox itchy. not peeling or flaking ust incredibly itchy! maybe like sunburn itchy but my face is not red. will stop using them Viaderm is the name in Canada. i actually had to do a search to get the ingredients to get it here in Taipei. It's a prescription in the west but it's composed of: Nyastin-Neomycin-gramicidin-Triamcinole Acetonide it helps with dry lips and reduced the puffiness. my derm in ca
  13. restylane actually lasts 6-12 months. way longer and way safer than collagen. i don't think it wore off... just that the indent was so deep i needed so much but could only afford so much, you know? it will heal. it has to. skin regenerates itself every 6 months or so. i think mine will take a full year. but after 4 months i started seeing the most healing. restylane comes in prefilled needles... 1cc each i beleive and that's how they charge; per cc. at least that's how they do it here in taipei