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  1. Hi, I've recently started roaccutane (3 weeks), and a long with a slight improvement in my skin's condition, my lips have gone mad dry. For now, my 'lip' regimen seems to be working. I do it morning and night. Step 1: Paper tower in warm water, apply to lips for 10 seconds or so, then as soon as its removed, step 2. (Dont use toilet paper) Step 2. Use Blistex Lip Revitaliser. It's alpha hydroxy so gets rid of those nasty dead skin cells. Using toilet paper in step 1 is OK, although s
  2. Its ingredients are Water, Botanical Glycosides, Uva Ursi Extract, Sodium Hyaluronate, Cucumber Extrate, Thyme Extract, Bioflavonoids, Phenoxyethanol, Herbal Fragrance. Its for something to do with collagen on red marks? Anyone heard of the stuff? I throw it on before my BP. Dont know if it helps yet.
  3. In the morning I cleanse, put on phyto-corrective gell (its for red marks, something to do with collagen), apply BP on spots and moisturise.. Im thinking of using the phyto stuff, then a thin layer of erethramycin cream and bp on spots then moisturise? In the morning I have a 1000mg fish oil tablet, a zinc tablet and an imedeen tablet. THanks..
  4. Im getting a peel every week for 3 weeks, and during this time im using 'Phyto Corrective Gel' which is this green stuff, after cleansing and before moisturizing. What do you think? ALSO: Can I still put BP on during this, or Erethromycin cream? Thanks. Cause ive broken out with a few small pimples since begining this and coming off BP and Erethromycin (my skin was becoming scaly - way to dry)
  5. Oh - and my mum reckons I should take this Imedeen stuff she takes - look it up on google. Its a girls product (who cares) but its supposed to be good for your skin.. its not an acne product.
  6. Hey.. she's not a derm, but heres what she's got me doing: I'm getting a high 30s % strip once a week for 4 weeks, and shes given me this green stuff, smells funny, I have no idea what its called.. Something to do with collagen in the red spots.. That I put 4 drops of into my face, then moisturize (all after cleansing). What do you think? I curently watch my diet, any reflections on this by the way: I eat bananas, apples, water, brown bread rolls with sprouts, lettuce, tomato and a meat
  7. But im not in my first 1-2 weeks of BP.. Does anyone else get this weird scalyness? I get it even from BP at night, Erythromycin in the morning (which IS what ive been doing).
  8. Oh yeah - what are the pro's and cons of exercise? Cause I recently havent been doing it, and generally my skin has gotten worse. But, im starting again with at least twice during Monday-Friday and a heavy work out on saturday. What should I do before and after?
  9. 1. When I use my BP cream (Benzac AC - the Australian equivalent of N. On the spot), a 2.5% cream, my face dries dramatically after 3-4 days. I'm not starting out on the stuff - ive sunk maybe 2 tubes of the stuff into my skin. Do you guys also get weird scaly dryness on your 'tea zone(this right?)'.. its the area of your nose, between your eyes, and especially coming from the corner of your lips. 2. Can any moisturizors cause breakouts? My mums fancy moisturizor is much stronger at moisturiz
  10. I've been using that neutrogena one - When I was using an eretharomycin(sp?) cream I needed a squirt or more for each side of my face. When I use BP, its more like 3-4 on each side and 20 years of squirting and rubbing on that nasty scaly shit.