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  1. The best advice I have for any of you guys out there that are suffering from mild acne is to go the natural route. I have had acne for about 6 years, during the years I did not apply any otc products and topical meds my acne was very mild. It wasn't until I started using proactiv, dans regime, etc that i broke out the worst in my life. These regimes I used was for atleast 1 month, so i did give them a chance and some time. After using proactiv i started breaking out Pustules (a red circle with a
  2. what the person above says, What I do after swimming is use the steam room, mayb that helps to
  3. ok, I'll give you guys my story. I'hv been having acne for about 6 years now. The last 1-2 years it has been better, anyways I was during the last 1-2 years always breaking out with white heads and the occasional cyst. I recently finished the oxy powder program and let me tell you the white heads that use to appear on my face atleast once every day has gone down to almost 0%. I still get the occasional pin size white heads but washing with a wash cloth and rubbing it a lil it goes away. I also h
  4. yup i agree vitmans does not help at all with acne, it does help with healing better, red marks, etc. Trust me I been taking vitimans for over a year now
  5. if i made an appointment with a derm without referrel the appointment will not be covered by the insurance, correct? But what about the procedure such as cortisone shots or pulse laser dye?
  6. I have HMO. Hope one of them works for me my scar is on the top right part of my back. Its about less than a dime in circumfrance. About 1/2 inch raised
  7. dont know how peter pan has anything to do with acne
  8. Hi, my first question is for a derm appointment do you have to be refered from your family doctor or can you just call them up and schedule an appointment? My second question is for a raised scar, Hypertrophic scar which treatment is better, pulse lazer dye or cortizone shots? Or is there any other treatments that would flatten the scar? Thanks!
  9. that article is about treating acne, not getting rid of raised scar. i have around 3 of those bumps on my nose. I think it was from poping a big white head. I also have about 2 right unter my mouth.
  10. I have a hytropic scar on my top right shoulder. Will coritson shots help at all? I heard stories of ppl receieving atrophic scars after they gotton the shots. Meaning the raised scar will become an indented one. Also is the cortison shot permanent?