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  1. Stupid derm!!!! Ive been on this sh*t for 4 months now and my acne is worse. Wtf??? Plus, i can really only put it on my face. If i had to oil up my body every night with this stuff, id need another tube every week. Anyone else use this crap and breakout? Please, i need to feel like im not alone. dammit
  2. Dayum Nick, would it really matter if a hot buff guy like you had acne at all?? (cause you look completely clear in that siggy pic) You shouldnt say things like that Nick. Not because everyone here is kinda paranoid and conceited about what you said; Your just too good lookin to die. XD BTW, important question, how did you get clear skin like that?? Did you go on accutane and use Dans regime routinely?? Please man, i gotta know your secret.
  3. Same here brotha ... Mines came back exactly 2 months after my last pill too. Its been a year now. Well, i dont know what else to say. Ive also tried Dans regime and everything else and its definitely a no-go. Sorry if im no help.
  4. ^really??? WOw, thx man. I never knew Tazorac was the next best thing. Im really relieved to hear that. <=) Acne suks, can i ask you a couple of questions? 1. have you been prescribed Tazorac??? 2. Has it worked for you? 3. did it break out at first? 4. and how long did it take for you to really see an improvement? Im sorry bout this, im so self consious about my acne. T_T
  5. Kinda irrelevant but, do you guys envy girls. I mean the way they can they can just look in the mirror and be so open about it. Like, just about every girl in my school has a pocket sized mirror they can look at every now and then and dont even care if your staring cuz she has no acne and she knows shes..."clear," shall we say. I dont hate them or anything. I ENVY THEM. I sigh everytime i have to look in the mirror and see myself.
  6. Through accutane, we become more sincere, considerate, tolerable and understanding people. Well, my opinion anyway. =P
  7. I doubt your derm will put you a second term. Trust me, i tried that like 3 times already. With 3 different derms too. They just gave me this tazorac ointment and now im wondering if that'll work.
  8. ^err...anyone?? Please, any replies would help.
  9. ^Topic. So, has anyone been subscribed this by their derm. My derm said to take use it every night; its supposed to open all the closed pores on my face i think. Just wondering if anyone else could share their experience with me on this. And another thing, can i put this stuff on my chest and bacne??? I wanna clear up more than just the bumps on my goddam face.
  10. ^oh pleez. Someone can help me. Can some just show and explain to me how you filled it out. Like how should be filled out. Or is their a phone number that i can call for bp jel?
  11. You are ordering: Qty Description Unit Amount (1) bp gel $8.50 $8.50 Subtotal: $8.50 Please provide us with the following information so we may process your order promptly. If any items are missing, we may not be able to process your order. Most importantly, please ensure your email address is correct; this is how we will notify you if any problems occur while processing your order. When you have finished, please click the 'Submit' button to continue the ordering process. Contact Info
  12. Can i get bp gel in stores? Just wondering, cause my friend says it works great and he got it in some GNC...