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  1. Platinum, what ever happened to your eyes? Are they back to normal again?
  2. I also have 2 big wrinkles under each eye now which became pretty noticable during my 5th month of accutane and continuing through my 2nd week of being off it. Although not slightly red like the rest of my rest, hey feel real saggy and tired, and possibly always hungry for moisturizer. I'm hoping within the next few weeks I'll start to see changes because they definitely weren't there before accutane.
  3. I pay $425 for a 1 month supply of Amnesteem, 40 mg. Aetna wouldn't cover it.
  4. I was curious about the fat free milk too. Doctor told me to take it with a glass of milk but forgot to ask about that.
  5. It's crazy how this stuff can happen when they are supposed to be helping you. I would call every other dermatologist in your area and say you need to see them asap to continue your Accutane treatment.
  6. Has anyone tried this? I was just prescribed Accutane and my dermatologist recommended it but was surprised to not find any info on it here. Thanks for any input!
  7. Prognosis positive! At first the doctor said I should try oral antibiotics again but then she suggested Accutane.
  8. Any update on your Accutane search? I saw a dermatologist yesterday with the same goals as you, but they prescribed Retin-A again even though I told them I used it in the past (8+ years ago) with no positive results. Needless to say I was unhappy with how little they seemed to care about what I had to say. I asked what happens if I come back in 10 weeks with not much change using the Retin-A and she said they'll probably try antibiotics (which I also said I've used in the past with no results
  9. I'd also like an update from those who have been on this for a while. I'm just starting today and I'll post updates as the weeks go on.
  10. Wanted to post a quick update. After using the new moisturizer since it came out my skin has been more dry, even with applying 3 full pumps and using jojoba oil. I had about 8 oz. of the old formula left and last week decided to try a test and switch back. Low and behold, my skin is less dry and feels more moisturized. After I run out I bought Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion to try out.
  11. Glad I'm not alone in thinking the new moisturizer is more drying than the last one. I thought something was changing in my skin, but reality is since I had to switch to the new moisturizer I've had to apply more of it with more jojoba oil and my skin has still been as dry as ever. For the first time in 5 years or so I think I'm going to try another moisturizer than Dan's. I've heard this one is pretty good: http://www.amazon.com/Cetaphil-Moisturizin...e/dp/B000052YMQ Any other recommendati
  12. Tubes for the BP Bottles w/ pump for cleanser Eeither for the moisturizer
  13. i only have time to put it on in the morning, and my acne is going away. i find it gives my face more time to heal, or not get to dry because of over-using the bp 2x a day. however, for the first few months of the regiman i did use it 2x a day, but then when college started i only have time in the morning to put it on. but it seems to be working fine for me
  14. that only downside with using the bp is that my eyes seem to be dry. when you use a moisturizer you don't really get dry.
  15. that only downside with using the bp is that my eyes seem to be dry. when you use a moisturizer you don't really get dry.
  16. i've been on the 250mg ones, seems like forever, twice a day. i can't even tell if this stuff does anyway but i just keep using it lol anyone know this is effective?
  17. yup the liquid one, it works great. i moved from the purpose bar after about 2 weeks, i only stayed on it that long because i thought the dryness might go away, but it didn't... after a few days on the cetaphil my skin was already feeling softer, and the BP was aborbing better too =D>
  18. try ordering the 2.5one online somewhere and getting it shipped to you, it would be worth it =D>
  19. i just wanted to post my experience with this wonderful regimen quickly. here's what i do: morning: shower, wash face with cetaphil gentle skin cleanser (works like a charm it is so soft, and gets rids of all the dirt/flaking/etc... which is all you need a cleanser to do) wait 10-15min, apply BP wait 10-15min, apply Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisturizer with SPF 15 night: wash face with cetaphil gentle skin cleanser wait 10-15min, apply Retin-A Micro 0.1% Gel Ok, and here's what I ha
  20. well i use the 2.5bp in the morning and some 0.1% retin-a at night. i've been on the retin-a for almost a year, and i hardly see any more whiteheads. but i still have lots of marks from old acne to get rid off. i would have to agree retin-a is good for the long term
  21. i've just noticed that the purpose bar is really drying.
  22. do all of you guys apply the moisturizer morning and night?
  23. well vaseline is generally oily, so i'm not really sure if it's good to use on your face