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  1. Gently exfoliate and apply a non greasy moisurizer. Not sure about the powders but I think the loose covers better.
  2. Well I bought the Revlon colorstay last week in brown.......then went back and bought it in black yesterday! That stuff stays put no matter what Makes removing it a bit difficult but at least no more racoon eyes Thanks
  3. zan

    Cheek Scars

    They sell 100% cross http://www.mytcapeel.com/catalog/item/2806386/2294220.htm It's just the acid. You will have to supply the toothpicks. I've done 4 crosses so far with good improvement but I will have to do more for total improvement. Cross is slow because it can only be done once a month. Z
  4. They have TCA peels that you can use full face. TCA Cross is spot treat only because the strength is higher.
  5. zan

    Cheek Scars

    I'm not sure 20% cross will do much. The study used 100%. Results are permanent but cross is a slow process....patience is a must I bought mine for mytcapeel.com for $60 plus shipping.
  6. Hiya crzyakta It went pretty pretty good....I'm happy anyways The small scars are just about gone! Larger ones will take a few more times. I'll probably hold off on the 5th one for a few more weeks. I need to update the pics.
  7. Why so negative? I don't think the pics are fakes. I do think that there is alot of swelling which will go down as the weeks go on. My first cross reacted pretty much the same way. Cross really does work though
  8. Patience is must for this treatment cuz it is VERY slow
  9. pc101....depends on the size of your scars and the strength of the acid. icepickscars123....it's really best if you can not to put anything on while the scabs are on. It tends to make them come off quicker(course sometimes we have to
  10. No, that's normal. My first cross took 3 days to scab. After the first they seem to scab quicker.
  11. Emu oil just aids in healing so it doesn't hamper the process at all.
  12. Mine reg after cross is... Neo after frosting until scabs form. Nothing while scabs are present. Emu oil after scabs fall off at night for a couple of weeks. Wash and exfoliate as usual until the next cross. Z
  13. If it's too orange looking then the are using the wrong color. I bought several sample shades in the beginning to test and some made me look like a ghost while others looked like an orange mask
  14. Haven't had a chance to get to the drugstore yet so today I tried primering the lids with powder first. Results--top is still intact 5 hours later and the bottom disappeared within an hour(course it is 85+ outside today). I used to use Maybellines brow pencils as liner and they worked great but I haven't been able to find those for a long time.