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  1. After apply the aloe vera straight from the plant, should i wash away after 15 min or just let it on my face?
  2. im taking 10mg/day, currently on 4th week(accutance), stay in asia too YA i get initial break out(worst than last time) for me , chapped lips n hair drop only. Im still wondering is it recommended for low dose in long period..
  3. my derm suggest me to take 10mg/day for 20 months !! im currently in 4th week of accutance, chapped lip , n hair drop only. im 55 kg. I saw many website that' taking accutance in low dose for long period is not recommended' .. so any ideas?
  4. Im new in this forum.. and 10s every1 for the info bout accutance im confuse now .. i have moderate acne so i went to see derm, at my first appintment, i told him that i hav taken antibiotic before, but stopped for few months, so it started to break out again.. so he prescribe me "VITAMIN A" (accutance) without telling me that is accutance n the effect! after 1 n 2 week , i get initial break out, worst nightmare, i never get so serious before.. i think im going to hav scar .. so i did my in