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  1. In the past my skin was really bad. I've tried a lot of things, including the duac and claron, and differin gel. This new derm says retin-a is better, and at first gave me the retin-a micro, duac, and doryx. She wants me to use the retin-a at night, and the duac in the morning, and 1 100mg pill a day. The retin-a and duac together were way too drying. I have very sensitive skin, gentle facewash dries my face out. I went for about a month so far, without being able to use the duac because it wa
  2. hibiclens is very drying. is there anything that doesn't have so much alcohol in it?
  3. at the store i found two kinds. one was spring valley standardized milk thistle. 175mg pills that contain 80% Silymarin. the other was some super concentrated form. it said "equal to 1,000mg". i went ahead and bought the 175mg pills because the extreme dosage kind of scared me. how many mg a day should i be taking? both forms were around $5 for 100 pills, so if the higher dosage is better, it's no big deal to pick them up.
  4. heh, liked all the replies about liver flushing being crap. you made me decide to not do it, going to get a full body cleanser from gnc and some milk thistle pills for after instead. i think my liver might be weak because i've done a lot of drugs, have been smoking pot regularly for almost 7 years, and drink way too much. i just realized drinking every night still makes me an alcoholic even though i'm in college. will quit smoking sometime soon too. found your regimen log by doing a water only
  5. alright, not going to do it it seemed a little fishy to me
  6. dude, seriously, if you've been going at it for a while, and you feel it has only gotten worse, STOP. this faggotry people call a regimen completely ruined my face. i never got scars or long lasting red marks, now i do. most of the scars are from when i was on the regimen. it messed my face up so bad it's not even funny. i figured it would "get worse before it gets better", but after 4 months of getting a lot worse i decided it was time to stop. after stopping, my face calmed down a lot.
  7. Alright, after doing a lot of reading i think i really need to do one of these. You guys said it helped with your acne, but did it help with any other health problems you might have had? I have a few other problems that liver flushing was said to help with, so i'm really starting to think i need to do a liver flush and or whole body detox. What methods did you use? Have you found any that don't require a week long fresh squeezed juice only diet?
  8. has doing a liver flush helped anyone out with their acne?
  9. the regimen mangled my face. gave me pimples where i've never had them, left behind a ton of red marks, and worst of all, gave me scars. go for it, but if it gets bad, stop. i listened to people here who told me it will get better with time, but it sure didn't. before the regimen i had none of that. recently i switched to hibiclens, and its working a lot better. the regimen takes way too long to do, and you smell like sunscreen all day. it's a pain in the ass.
  10. whey protein has small ammounts of cassein protein or however it's spelled. different brands use different ammounts. cassein protein comes directly from milk. for some people, dairy can be bad. though, my face has been getting better, and i drink a shake with 2 scoops after i work out, and on off days i drink 1 scoop either right when i wake up or right when i go to bed. i also put a table spoon or so of flax seed oil in the 1 scoop shakes because it's supposed to increase testosterone produc
  11. If your acne isn't bad, don't even worry about it. Personally, I say don't try the regimen. My acne was almost 100% better, but I was stuck with small spots on each cheek. I decided to try the regimen to clear it up. Biggest mistake I ever made. My face blew up, I have scars now, and it gave me pimples in places I've never had them. I stuck with it for 11 weeks since everyone said it gets worse at first. It was horrible. Get yourself some Hibiclens, it's working better for me, and doesn't ta
  12. I just got some hibiclens, and am going to start using it tonight. Hopefully the hibiclens and neosporin combo will clear me up. you should maybe be careful about mixing SA with hibilcens. hibiclens has PCMX in it, which kills all acne bacteria for 12 hours...SA might interfere or something. if it's working, keep with it, but if not, maybe try dropping the SA.
  13. hey man, differin sucks. i used it for a couple months with antibiotics and klaron. the differin made my face feel greasy and made everything worse. i stopped and have just been using the klaron. seems to be working better.
  14. i also advise you to quit. after 10 weeks it turned my face into a monster. my acne got twice as bad, i had pimples in places i've never had them before, and now i can't get my skin to be like it was before i started. i followed all the steps and did it all right. just made everything worse and it's true, it blows to take the time to rub that crap on your face every morning and night. plus, you smell like sunscreen all day. revolution, dude probably isn't a quitter. when something sucks,
  15. QUIT NOW!!!!!! honestly, quit. I went until week 10, and my face did nothing but get a lot worse. It sucked so bad, and it still hasn't gotten much better. I stopped and within a week or two my face calmed down a lot. a whole lot. I went to a different derm than usual, and he gave me an antibiotic, klaron, and differin. Within 2 weeks my face was better looking, but it's still worse than when i started the regimen. the part that sucks the most is my face was fairly clear before i started,