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  1. hi everyone, anyone out there have got better result using other types of vinegar other than the apple cider one. another thing is hw long should u see result when using the vinegar?
  2. it is supposed to get worse before it gets better, so u have to wait 1 to 2 mth for result.i have used it for 5 mth, great result but rem always put very little.
  3. hey justchekin,why izzit that ur mum dun wanna help u?,tell her hw bad u feel, if she does not help turn to ur dad. u can try out dan regimen first(no need prescription),keep posting if u hv problem,ppl on this site will give u suggestion to help u.
  4. hi stillhoping, i say u give it another mth to go, most likely u will see improvement after that,when i was using differin my face breakout like crazy too, places that never had a spot before also exploded i myself almost give up too,but after struggling for 2 mth i start to see result and now i hv use it for 5 mth,totally clear nw dealing with scar only. differin is supposed to bring up all the gunk deep inside and help make ur skin function properly but it very slow so u hv to wait.if u still
  5. hi everyone, any of u feel that most of the clear skin ppl dun pay much attention if a guys hv bad skin but they will talk if its a girl.i hate it when they mention about skin(i hv bad skin) cus recntly during a chit chat wif my friend about new student in the school,my friend say"oh that girl the one with pimples on her face" i change the topic immediately cus i hv bad skin too,can"t blame him cus clear skin ppl dun koe anything about acne. one thing is i learn not to talk bad about ppl appeara
  6. hi brett, im not on retin a but im on differin it is also the same kind of medication. i think u should use it for 2 mth to see result and 6 mth to see complete result,im just like u when i use differin break out real bad in the first 2 mth but after that i saw some improvement, nw im clear(using for 5 mth) but still using to keep clear, if u still does not get result after 2 mth than go back to ur derm for other ways.good luck
  7. hi, i hv been using differin for almost 5 mth, so far so good.it help alot but u hv to wait(2 mth) to see result,i have nt try tazorac before but just to tell u differin is good also,i dun know if u would get another breakout but differin is much more gentle and it does not dry me out.when u apply use very little(thin film to cover affected area)so that ur face will not be red and dry out.
  8. yeah,i dun think u will need facial cus it is very expensive and do very little help, save the mony on good regimen and derm. i used to go to facial for my acne, and it help too slow so i went 2 a derm. with proper medication i get better result than facial(and cheaper) so i drop the facial.
  9. yeah,i dun think u will need facial cus it is very expensive and do very little help, save the mony on good regimen and derm. i used to go to facial for my acne, and it help too slow so i went 2 a derm. with proper medication i get better result than facial(and cheaper) so i drop the facial.
  10. hi, anyone know how effective is the vinegar method toward pitted scar. i have pitted scar on my cheek,any other ways to lighten the scar?my country does not have n-lite,smoothbeam or needling,any over the counter product that i can use for scar?
  11. bacne is difficult, u need medicated body wash. neutrogena acne body wash is good, try it . bacne need longer time to see result....
  12. hi kristiana, i hv the same problem like u(on my back) when i started doryx, than i went back to my derm recently to ask him and what he said is that it has nothing to do with the doryx. when i ask him that before the pill my back was clear but after on it for 2 mth my back blow out, he said that it is just coincidence and it is proberly goin to come. he told me to continue using the pill, he said that the bacne will need more time to see result den the face. now my back get better after sch st
  13. hi everyone,izzit ok to use the vinegar straight frm the bottle?cuz i dun understand why must we mixed with water, izzit due to irritation?what i do is use those facial cotton dab with vinegar straight frm the bottle than apply like toner,im using a apple cider vinegar for i week plus with no irritation and no result yet.should i mix with water or continue with what im doin now?
  14. hi guys, recently i just started the vinegar thing and currently im using differin and clindamycin which is clearing up my face, izzit ok to apply differin after the vinegar ? cus what im doing nw is apply neat cider vinegar after cleansing my face(sort of like using toner) than wait 30 min than rinse off with water than i apply differin and clindamycin at night, as for the morning i would do the same but with only clindamycin,so question is can i use prescripted medication straight after withou
  15. im using the regimen for about 2 days but when i put on the moisturizer,my face look creamy, some white stuff(looks like dry up bp) came out when i rub my moisturizer in. is this normal ? i hv rub the bp till i cannot see it but it still happen or i hv not fully rub in the bp? another thing is i use alot of bp but my face got no feeling at all, no burning no stinging nothing is this normal ?
  16. actually u hv to keep using the medication till u grow out of acne,even if u go for accutane it may also come back, but if u find ur derm not good u should change another one,usually the medication take 2 mth to see result and up to 6 mth to hv clear face even after that u still have to use medication to prevent it, i think they will have the cure sooner or later everything so advance nowaday, hope it come out soon.
  17. im same like u but i think it ok cuz my sis got prescripted bp in the mornin and differin at nite if the derma do that, means it ok to go with it
  18. hi. can anyone tell me if i should use the neutrogene multivitamin with prescripted medication? im on clindamycin in the morning,differin at nite and 2x doxy a day,pls post
  19. hi everyone, look like this stuff is convincing but can it be use with prescripted medication? im on differin,clindamycin and doxy. anyone pls post...
  20. hi kristiana, i hv this problem too im on doryx too.i think it is the doryx,my face clear up but my back started to have acne, i heard that when the doryx kill the bacterial in your body it kill other good stuff in the body so it cause other place to break out,but this what i heard from some of doryx user,so cannot be sure but i will ask my derm on my next appointment and update u on this.
  21. hi guys, heard of this stuff is working great but can i use it with prescripted medication? if can when should i use it?this is my daily routine: mornin : wash neutrogena mild cleanser apply clindamycin soluton take doxy nite : wash neutrogena mild cleanser apply differin take doxy anyone pls post.....
  22. try neutrogena mild cleanser or cetaphil, be gentle to your skin 2 x wash aday is enough
  23. can anyone tell me if i can use a toner while on prescripted medication ?note that not alot of people use toner.i wanted to use the neutrogene pore refining toner,is that ok ?im currently on differin ,clindamycin and 2x doxy a day
  24. hi, u see after i quit smoking my acne get better,but it not completely gone,2 to 3 spot sometimes,so im not sure if it does affect it.as for smoke i don't think so cus all my frenz are smokers and i hang out with them everytime,does not affect my acne, maybe everyone skin is different but that my view
  25. hi you, so it ok as long as i get a tanning lotion ?