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  1. i got emu oil from skinbiology.com and i've been using it for about 5 days and so far I love it, mind you it is oil so when you put it on it leaves your face greasy but it seems to have evened out my skin tone AND I haven't broken out (I really wasn't breaking out much before that either tho) with my sensitive skin. I'm trying to tweak a regimen that uses the oil, the mandelic acid I just bought, my glycolic cleanser and maybe include some copper peptide which I bought but haven't used yet.
  2. wow funny, thing exact same thing happened to me, I've been doing GA peels for a while now and started doing some on my own, maybe about 3 on my own already and they seemed fine (30% GA, 2.1 PH and 6-8 minutes). then this past monday I did another after about 3 weeks after my last (I do not do it every week as instructedr, I read somewhere that says skin takes around 4 weeks to properly heal). Anyways it burned the sides of my chin and scabbed over lot worst than I ever had and I looked horr
  3. i have a question, i recently used GA 30% from gycolicpeels.com and its PH is 2.1, it says to leave it on for 6-8 minutes AND to rinse with water, not baking soda, it was working ok before but just recently i left it on for 6 minutes and it burned more than stung and made my skin scab more than flake around the sides of my chin, a few days later the scabs peeled and it looks better but still browner than my normal skin hopefully this fades or will fade after my next peel. My question is shoul
  4. Hmm! sounds like you have some of the same kind of mild scars that I think I have and so far the only stuff that's been working a bit is glycolic peels. Lately I've been the do-it-yourselfer, doing 30% GA peels at home every 2-3 weeks and it seems to be helping the old bumps and slowly fading my other red marks. I used to get peels by my derm once a month from 30% to 60% but it was really expensive just to go in and have her slap some liquid on my face, let it sit and send me on my way after 5 m
  5. while your on tane your skin is pretty sensitive so a good, non comedogenic, light moisturizer will help but really you shouldn't do much to your skin while your on it. After yur off tane for a while (a few months) you can do a few things to help with the red marks including hydroquinon cream (depending on your skin type/color), and facial peels which I've used and have helped alot. Go over to the red-marks/acne scarring forum they have tons of good info there and can help.
  6. anyone else try the time release stuff sold on acne-vitamins.com? it sounds a lot safer considering you only need to take 2 pills, 1000 mg each a day and $30 for 2 months supply is a great deal, iceboi did you end up ordering the supply?
  7. I know pH has a lot to do with the strength of the peal as well, but generally speaking 10% GA is pretty low so it shouldn't hurt leaving it on for longer, I've done 30% no problem and have gone as high as 60%. I'd say it's ok to give it a try
  8. the rule of thumb with using any kinds of peels (this coming from my derm and other resources on the net) is to use it only when you don't have any active acne
  9. i've tried this but only for the last couple of nights. First night I added some water to dilute it maybe 1:1 ratio that didnt sting, then I put on it straight from a slice of lemon and that stung a little then subsides after 5 minutes, my active acne has dried up a little and none new (I think) but this might me attributed to going back to my old glycolic cleanser too, good luck
  10. I've gotten tons of glycolic peels from my derm over the years since accutane helped stopped my acne and I started to work on healing those old scars and red marks. I can honestly say after many many peels my skins is definitely better than it was, faded tons of marks, I don't have really many ice pick scars luckilu maybe real small ones and some bumps but the peels worked. Definitely made me flake for 2-3 days afterwards bepending on the strength of the peel, but have learned not to peel any
  11. thanks for all the info bfg, will give this a go this weekend, gonna get those sunmaid small red box snack pack ones you see at the supermarket. Would one or two of these snack boxes a day suffice? I will update as soon as I start eating em....btw don't knock accutane bfg, that probably saved my face in my late teens (I'm 25 now) from horrific scarring. I have a little acne now and am just dealing with the older red marks and scars but without accutane I would be WAY worst off.
  12. Hey, I'm also interested in trying topical vitamin A since I have pretty oily and slight-moderate acne prone skin. Funny thing is though is I get acne on my my cheeks and not my T-zone where it is real oily. Anyways, keep us updated!