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  1. Your ex-girlfriend is a bitch. Life goes on...in a few years you'll forget she even existed, trust me.
  2. You are the 174th member to ask me this (2nd one this week). I am a homosexual. Case closed.
  3. Woah, for a second I thought you were my cousin! That avatar looks just like him.

    Sorry for invading your profile.

  4. Ouch, that sucks. I've never done a glycolic peel, so I can't give you any advice, but I wouldn't mess with your face for a while. It SHOULD heal, hopefully. I don't know about the olive oil, honey, and aloe vera...I wouldn't use aloe vera, just cause it burns me, but it might not burn you so I don't know. And I've never heard oof using olive oil as a mousterizer. But it's good that you're only using natural stuff. Commercial products would destroy your face. I hope the redness goes away soon..
  5. I don't think so...unless you're having negative reactions to it (i.e. dryness, redness, burning, etc.).
  6. That is disturbing on so many levels, and I haven't even watched it
  7. Hmmm....See, my face doesn't itch all that often so my tips may/may not work...but have you tried applying a mousterizer? I think that might help, since dry skin is usually the cause of itchiness.
  8. And the skin...it will get better. Things can only go up from here, right? In a few weeks, you'll be wondering why you even made this post. Do you exfoliate? If not, I have tips that hepled clear my bitchy skin. Feel better. P.S. If that's you in your avatar, you're freaking sexy.... Okay, I'll shut up now.
  9. Aww, I'm sorry. My stepdad has a really rare form of pancreatic cancer, and it's spreading, so I know what you're giong through. But my mom always says "Everything will work out in the end," and I'm beginning to think it's true. Just stay strong and cry all you want. Heck, i cry a lot lately and I'm a guy. Just keep the future in perspective. Writing helps me out sometimes. Try writing a book. It's fun, I promise. Just remember that you're not alone!
  10. Did I say turbosquad? How embarrassing.