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  1. Hi All, Diane is a struggle at the begining. I know I went through it. My breakout were crazy and bad. But after the first 4 months past it started getting better. Then i had the clearest skin. I got off Diane a few months ago and I'm on Yasmin and there was no side effects with the switch. On both pills I've never gained any wait, my libido was fine and nothing out of the ordinary. The difference between both pills is that Diane has a higher estrogen level really. GOOD LUCK and keep stron
  2. Diane 35 was challenging. I was on the pill for 3 years. The first 3 1/2 months were brutal but then eventually my skin cleared I just recently got off Diana and moved to the pill Yasmin. I decided to get off of Diane because it has the highest estrogen levels and really my acne was all cleared up. I've been on Yasmin for about 3 months now and no major breakouts. Eventually I intend to pull myself off this pill within a year...
  3. HI It took at least 3.5 months before my breakouts slowed down. They eventually started to disapper around the 6 month mark. I still to this day can the occassional zit, but not as much as before. Good luck
  4. Hi I've been on Diane 35 for over a year now and let me tell u it was pure hell at the begining. The breakouts were scary. I wouldn't go out or even go to work because of how embarrassed I was. However, now my skin is flawless. I rarely get pimples and when I do they can so be covered by makeup. For the first time in many years I don't even fuss anymore by putting makeup on. Ya this pill has been met with such contraversy and I am afraid about actually getting off of it. But a few of my d
  5. Hi all I've been on this pill for almost 8 months now. I'm also taking Alpo-Sulfatrim as well. Anyways, I wanted to get off of this pill and go on to something else. BUT I'm SOOOOOO SCARED!! I've heard the horror stories of breaking out even worse then before. My derm and dr both say that I can stay on it and use it as birth control because it's effective but then again u read so much negative crap about it. I need advice how bad are the breakouts once I get off of this pill or should I j
  6. You can try an egg white and lemon mask. That might help with the healing as well
  7. Wow I read all these replies and I can't believe it. I've been on this pill for almost 9 months now. I've experienced the breakouts from Hell to the point I was so embarrassed to go out or even to work. I never experienced any weight gain or side effects at all....well except the huge breakouts. I'm now using Diane 35 in conjunction with another pill called Apo-Sulfatrim and my face is the clearest it's ever been. I've talked to my gyna and my derm and they both say that Diane 35 is safe and
  8. Hi I talked to the dr and he said that he wants to keep me on for 6 months. He says that the acne will come back but not as bad. Really if that's the case as long as it's not how it used to be then I don't mind. Ya clear skin is always amazing but highly unlikely I guess. I'm still doing the combo Diane 35 and apo. No side effects at all. If u don't mind me asking what else are u doing to help combat this annoying problem
  9. Wow, I'm going to the same Derm. Clinic!!! I agree with you, the ppl at this clinic are AWSOME, Dr. Herman is the BEST!!! I've bin going to him for about a year now. I have definitely had a positive change in my skin. There have bin up's and downs to be honest, as the Dr. and I try to figure out what helps me best. I am currently using their Gentle Cleanser, Differin Cream in the morning, and metro lotion at night. Along with this he has put me on Apo-sulfatrim (the Bactim you mentioned). The g
  10. Hi All I'm still clearer then before. I still do get the occassional pimple but let me tell you it's sooooooooo much better. I've been on the combination Diane 35 and Alpo-Sulfatrim. My PMS weeks aren'e even as bad as they used to be. My confidence is back so much so that I ended up meeting a guy and we are having a great time dating. I recommend this to anyone. The Diane 25 is a struggle at the begining buy hang in there Tania
  11. Hi It worked for me for a few months and thenit's like my face got used to the product and my acne came back with a vengence. TOtal waste of money
  12. Still going and I'm still extremely HAPPY with the derm, Dr. Herman. He listens and he cares and he is always so positive. I've seen great improvements in my skin. I recommend him to anyone!!
  13. Everything you've mentioned I went through. I even took days off of work because I was embarrassed about my skin. I wouldn't go out with my friends either. I'm still on Diane, next week will be 7 months. I'm also using Alpo sulfatrim and it seems to be really working. My PMS weeks still suck, I tend to breakout during this time. But the breakouts aren't as bad as they used to be. Still it sucks when ur clear for a few weeks and then here come the zits. How r things going with you?
  14. I broke out a little bit last week, but the dr says it's my body adjusting to the pill. He thinks I should be on it for 2-4 months and he wants me off of Diane 35 which I'm really scared to do b.c I heard the breakouts are even worse then before. So I'm still debating whether to stay on or not. But I still really love this dr and recommend him to anyone
  15. Trust me it;s a struggle. It took 3/.5 half months for me to finally clear. Now I'm taking apo-sulfatrim as well. Good luck, I was so embarrassed to go out and I even stayed home from work many times last year
  16. Month 7. I'm not 100% clear but let me tell u it's sooooooooo much better then before. I go out now and don't stay home from work like I used to. I'm also taking the drug Apo-sulfatrim which is helping me out as well. I've heard horror stories of people getting off of this pill. I'm actually afraid to get off and switch over to another one (for contraception reasons) I really need to discuss this with my dr. All those on Diane 35, it's not as glamous a pill that they say it is. It comes w
  17. I thought I did mention it. But I didn't start getting better until my 4th month. So hang in there because I got worse before I got better. But now, I'm enjoying my skin
  18. *** I'm breaking out so badly right now... I'm almost done my first package of Diane (about 2.5 weeks into it)...Im SO depressed about it!! How long did it take for yours to clear up? ..Thanks ←
  19. I went to my second appointment on Thurs and I'm still very happy about my choice. The dr is so nice and he actually sits and listens to u. He said my face looked a lot better then the first visit. He prescribed the pills apo-sulfatrim. I've been on them for 3 weeks now and let me tell u I don't have any new zits. I do still have a few scars from previous acne but no new zits. He says I should only be on this medication for 2-4 months, so only time will tell. He even did a dry ice treatment
  20. I use an egg white and lemon mask and it does work well but it's a slow process. I leave it on anywhere between 15-30
  21. I've been on the combination of diane 35 and apo sulfatrim. I use differin gel and benzamycn as well. Over all, I have not experience any extreme breakouts as I did when I started the bp 6 months ago. I still have pimples, but I'm more comfortable with my skin. Although, I still need to work on the picking. I can't help the squeezing or touching. Then I wonder why I scab. DUH!!!! Oh, I'm also using a cleanser and toner that was recommended from the radiant skin clinc and thankfully it ha
  22. My scars are mostly light brown or red. No indentations! They usually fade within a few months(1-3). I'm just afraid of the peeling. I'm glad that it doesn't happen. But with a name like glycolic peel u would think that's what it does. I'd appreciate hearing more experiences with these peels. Thanks in advance