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  1. Seems to be going very well for you. I am new to this so can not offer much advice. But Good luck Stick at it and your really pretty. People will look past the acne and probably they won't notice it. Then in no time it will be gone
  2. I know what you mean about youtube. The people who show how to hide blemishes have a pimple the size of a full stop . lol There is one lady who shows how to do wacky eye makeup, its amazing. Anyway there are lots of websites with makeup tips to help cover acne. Try a google search. I love L'oreal mineral poweder foundation. Very easy to use and good coverage. I don't bother with concealor. It really does make it worse for me
  3. If someone spent 30mins on hair and 30 on makeup an hour per morning whoao I normally get up, get a shower. Dry my hair, put some product on it. Get dressed, put some makeup on go out If I am out special though I can take foreverrrrrrr
  4. I would definatly say poweder is the better options Mineral powder if you can get it. The only thing with powder is if you use a brush or sponge, so always makesure they are clean
  5. At the moment I'm using a really good product called Take the day away - by clinique It is perfume and oil free. Ifs like a paste but you rub it on yours skin and a tiny bit covers the whole face. You can see mascara swirl away from yours eyes. You have to wash after using it. But great for eye makeup
  6. Wow, There is definatly an improvement from your photo I have never tried dermalogica Over in england it isn't a big brand but I have started to see it in the shops. Maybe I should try it if the regime dones't work for me
  7. You skin is starting to look really good, after only 3weeks. I am impressed By the way you have lovely eyes. I am starting when my supplies arrive, so I hope it works just as well for me
  8. I see an imrpvement, I am going to look at your week 3 photo now,
  9. I use L'oreal Mineral Poweder Foundation. It comes in a little pot with a brush. It really does give good coverage. For some reason i prefer it is a powder, it does not feel like I am rubbing it in't my skin
  10. Hi, I have just been looking at the site, read what people hae to say and I am going to try the routine. I have purchased the products, all 3, which are on their way to the UK. Should be 2weeks to arrive. So 1 week to go. I am not very optimistic. Here are 3 photographs of my skin, the quality isn't good and I have blacked myself out because I am embarrassed. All taken on same time without makeup Would my acne be considered severe? I know people have worse, but this seriously affec
  11. I am 19 form uk, and Have a lot of acne scars on my face, and my acne is not as active as it was. I have tried many things before, accutance, the regime, but it has left me with a lot of scars I have seen a lot of home microdermabrasion kits, do these work? They claim to be as good as the salons! If they are then I am considering buying a kit, if not then I think getting microdermabrasion done proffesionally would be a good option also, it is about £70 a session, and normally 6 sessions is e