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  1. Hi there, I also live in the UK and mineral make-up hasn't really made its way here- and having wasted a fortune on foundations that are useless, and with a skin colour that's difficult to get a match for, I'm reluctant to buy over the net. First, try and stay positive, I know it's horrible having such big, sore spots, I've been there too- very depressing. If you've got a supportive boyfriend and family, that's a great help, but also make sure you seek a proper dermatologist and consider roac
  2. I agree- BP is drying enough without salicylic acid also thrown in. It depends on your skin type but I suspect the combination will be too harsh. You'd be better off using an oil-free but non-medicated foundation. Good luck!
  3. Bobbi Brown do very pale shades, they have an oil-free range but I have never used their products so can't comment on whether they're good or not! I only did a test run and it was too pale for me.
  4. You could try Estee Lauder double wear- I used it while I was under roaccutane and had terrible cysts and dry skin, and it didn't highlight any flakiness. Although using a really good moisturiser should help with flaky skin, ask your dermatologist for advice (I was in France and Australia at the time so any names I mention are probably going to be of no help!).
  5. My dermatologist has always said make-up is fine as long as it's non comedogenic (as mentioned above) and importantly, as long as you remove it thoroughly at the end of the day. There's no way an acne sufferer can be expected to be confident and happy without foundation, so for psychological reasons alone I say go for it!
  6. Yes, thanks, I'd like to know how you find it. The problem with acne-type skin is that it tends to be both oily and prone to dryness/sensitivity, so finding just the right balance of cover/oil control/not too much dryness/ease of application/durability is just a nightmare! Are you in the UK? Just wondering how easy it is to obtain outside the US.
  7. Thanks for the advice- I've seen quite a lot of stuff about mineral make up on this site but I know nothing about it so no idea how it's different from other make-ups. I'll look into it. Is it really that fantastic?
  8. I am 29 and have had very resistant acne for 17 years (2 courses roaccutane, non-stop topicals). Dermatologists are baffled and have given up on me. I am using Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation and Clinique loose powder, which sort of do the job, but I am still getting lots of new blackheads/whiteheads, and my dermatologist thinks it may be the powder- so I'm thinking of changing that. Could anyone please advise on a good non-comedogenic loose powder, I don't know where to start! I would nee