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  1. i did a little when i was younger and had facial acne, now that gone, and its just scars on my back, but i cant say for sure if it was my acne or it was just shyness. but now im nothing like that, ill stare a hole in someone, cause i dont really care what people think, getting older i gained alot of confidence, and what people besides my friends and family think doesnt concern me. thats the way to play it people who matter. dont lower your head to anyone its a sign of weakness, it also lets them
  2. i;ve come to the realization that their is no purpose besides having fun, life has no ultimate purpose besides having what fun you can while you can. who cares why does their have to be purpose though, when we are dead will we say what purpose was there to it. no we will just be dead, so just go out and do your thing, forget purpose, cause theirs no point looking for something that cant be found.
  3. no cause its not the derms fault we have acne, they do the best with the limited knowledge they have about acne.
  4. get a real dark tan to start off with, then get laser if your rich, other than that i dont know. my scars are on my back and chest, and its been a year with little improvement, i realize its harder cause you have facial scars, but you will have to come to terms with them to some degree, cause they will never be gone completely.
  5. 1. feeling like crap 2. not having girlfriends 3. not caring about much acne sucks and everything good it teaches us, is done away ten fold by the bad stuff.
  6. who cares what people expect bottom line is you can get acne almost anywhere so you have to deal with it. alot of people with bad facial acne would gladly trade with you, i have scars on my back and id trade with you easily. so in the grand scheme of acne consider your self lucky cause your butt is one place probably only you, and your signifigant other will ever see, so its not a big deal.
  7. you can believe what you want but medical science learns more every day, and acne is caused by overactive sebaceous glands. just think until recently some people thought being unclean or food caused acne. bottom line acne is just plain bad luck with genetics. if their is a god (which acne has made me think their isnt one) i doubt he would give you acne to save you. but hey if you want to believe that its your buisness, but if you want the more realistic way actually read what medical science say
  8. i had some not bad though just the occasional zit here and there. at least its your butt though man how many people will see your naked butt.
  9. those are just red markds left over from acne, your lucky you didnt get any bad scars, those will go away in 4-6 months. and its not that bad, ive got worse.
  10. i wouldnt say hi to people that called me a rat either, tell them they dont know what its like, to have a condition you can do hardly anything about, and tell them to **** off. really though you shold say something people just keep being ignorant if you dont set them straight. i mean would you say OMG you cant walk to a man in a wheel chair, no cause its not his fault, just as acne isnt our fault.
  11. how am i preventing myself, i didnt ask to have acne, its just fate delt me a crappy hand, and you know that girls wont find this attractive, having scars on my back, and chest. you beimg a girl if you could choose a guy with body acne or a guy without it, which would you choose. and its even more embarassing that i have none on my face, but then i take my shirt off and i got major back acne scars, and 5 raised scars on my chest, and they will never go away.
  12. seriously man their are alot of actors out there that had acne, jet li, f murray abraham, ray liotta, james woods, even supermodel elizabeth hurley had it, so their you go these people had acne and are famous as heck.
  13. i dont have to hide my face cause all i have is body acne, so my hiding is wearing a shirt,
  14. 1. get a girlfriend 2. go swimming 3. wear tanktops when its hot 4. feel confident 5. it just sucks
  15. or can you only conceal them, cause ive heard scars never truly go away?