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  1. I've been applying it only in my areas w/ blackheads, but that really is most of my face! (Not really on the top half of my forehead, or the puffy part of my cheeks.) I put a really thin film on at night... because I've been using my sample, I kind of put my fingetip over the opening of the bottle, flip it upsidedown, and then wipe my fingertip over my skin. The sample has lasted a little over a week. BAD NEWS!!!! I ordered 15% mandelic acid from Diana Yvonne last Friday (the 19th) and I got
  2. The THERAPEUTIC brand that i'm using has vit C which is labelled as Ascorbyl Methyl Silanol. And it does require to be refrigerated, but sometimes i forgot to do so. however, i do refrigerate it at other times. and fyi, my derm did recommend this to me. i didn't ask for it myself.
  3. hi Heartless... i don't really know about vit C making your skin more oily... since my skin has always been a bit oily. and hopefully it doesn't lead to more breakouts... i'm clear of active acne right now, so my main focus is the red marks. however, i'll keep monitoring my skin condition. and about vit C being unstable... is there such thing as 'stabilized' serum because i have read it somewhere. and i also read that if the serum changes color from orange to brown, it doesn't really affect th
  4. hi all, i've been using the 10% vit C serum for less than a week now and my red marks are fading away really quickly. i was thinking about getting the 15% vit C serum (as suggested by my derm) since my skin is not sensitive to it at all. (the 10% serum is just for the testing phase!) so, i urge all of you to try this. it might be the solution for you (and it's quite cheap compared to stuff like hydroquinone...). It has definitely done wonders for me!
  5. hi guys, i've been using the pure vitamic C serum on my red marks for less than a week now. i can't believe my eyes when i see that my red marks are actually fading away really quickly. currently, i'm using the 10% vit C serum since i'm still in the testing phase. seeing that the result is sooo unbelievable for me... i was thinking about getting the 15% vit C serum since my skin is not sensitive at all to it. so, i really urge you guys to try this as well. if you're lucky, this could be the sol
  6. So d u mean that if i stayed out of the sun for like 24 hours then went to work the next day, with high sunblock i could do a peel ←
  7. I just found out from my derm that vit C is very good for fading PIH, not just if taken internally but if applied topically as well. she suggested that i use a 15% vit C serum (couldn't remember what brand), which is quite expensive (since the product is imported). but i suppose that it would be cheaper for anyone in the States. so, look out for any vit C serum of at least 15% concentrated. anything less wouldn't be as effective.
  8. I guess that you do need to be mentally stable because if your skin is sensitive to glycolic acid (like mine), you'll get scabbing all over your face even with a 20% glycolic peel (i only put the glycolic acid for 2 and a half minutes!!). the scab (in my case, very thick and crusty) will take about 1-2 weeks to fall off. In the mean time, your skin will look totally dry and later cracks will appear all over your face. what i'm trying to say is that you'll look absolutely terrible. however, the e