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  1. Scorpion_Vixen It is hard to say how much the the Amino Plex Spray has helped my scars in the 3 weeks I have been using it because I have only recently started doing the 40% lactic peel also.I had been using the CP serum for about 7 months and I have been using Mandelic acid every morning for 5 months.Two months ago I started using the 15% Refinity Lactic acid lotion.With this regimen,I had about a 45 to 50 % improvement of my shallow scars.In the last 6 weeks of doing the Lactic peel and usi
  2. Hi Scorpion_Vixen I have been using the Amino Plex Spray every night for 3 weeks now.I like it so much that I now use it instead of the CP serum.I put it on along with the 15% Refinity Lactic acid lotion.It really feels good when I use it after my weekly Lactic acid peel also.Hope this helps some.
  3. This is day number 126 of using the 10% Mandelic serum every morning and now by changing from using the CP and Exfol serum at night to the CP serum and the 15% Refinity lactic acid lotion five weeks ago as well as doing a 40% Lactic peel from Esthetically Yours once a week,my skin looks outstanding.I had about a 40 improvement of my shallow scars for the first 3 months of using the Mandelic serum and at least another 15% since adding the lactic lotion/peel to the regimen.I just ordered the Amino
  4. Hi Stefany After reading your post on the Amino-Plex spray I done some research on it and it sounded good.I ordered it from Etrode last Friday but UPS lost the package.Etrode is sending another package that I should receive in a day or two, hopefully.If you have received yours already,let me know what you think of it.I will report on this board what I think of the product also.
  5. To phoqoo-I use the Mandelic kit that includes the cleanser,toner,sunblock,night lotion moisturizer and 10% Mandelic serum.The Moisturizer and sunblock only have 2% Mandelic acid so neither one would be very effective by themself and both make your face a little shiny but can be taken care of by dabbing with a tissue.The cleanser only has one half per cent Mandelic acid.In order to benefit from the Mandelic acid you would need to get the 10% serum which is non-irritating to most people and gentl
  6. I have used both the Enzyme Peeling Cream and the Pineapple Enzyme Scrub from Homepeels.Although they were both ok,neither one comes close to the 40% Lactic acid peel I now use from Esthetically Yours.
  7. riteshb-Yes the Kit#7 is the Lactic acid kit and is the one that I ordered.I know I was confused when I seen they called it the Glycolic kit also. plateaukid-The 40% lactic acid I use from Esthetically Yours is very mild.It has Cosmederm-7 in it that prevents irritation,redness,etc.I know Tracy and several others on this board use the 40% Lactic peel from MUAC and I don't think they have had any side effects from it but they would be able to tell you more.Hope this is of some help.
  8. Hi Riteshb I have been using the 40% Lactic peel from Esthetically Yours for a few weeks and really like it.It is even cheaper than what you pay at Makeup Artist's Choice.
  9. I use the basic kit with the cleanser,toner,serum,sunblock,and night lotion.I started using the serum about 4 months ago and added the rest of the products about 2 and a half months ago.I like all of the products but The serum is the one that helps the most by far.You can use whatever cleanser,toner,moisturizer/sunblock you prefer and should get the same results you would by using the whole kit.Hope this helps.
  10. 781-Mandelic acid serum 10% has really helped improve my shallow scarring.Read the Mandelic acid thread and it may help you decide if you would like to try it.
  11. 781-Mandelic acid serum 10% has really helped improve my shallow scarring.Read the Mandelic acid thread and it may help you decide if you would like to try it.
  12. Hi Elle I have mainly Rolling scars and the majority of them are shallow.I have been using the 10% Mandelic serum once a day for 103 days now.I would guess that I have seen about a 40% improvement in my scars since starting to use the Mandelic acid.I can't give all the credit to the Mandelic acid because I was using the Mandelic in the AM and the CP and Exfol serum at night.The reason I feel that the Mandelic was the bigger help though is because I was using the CP and Exfol serums for 4 mont
  13. Danny-read my posts on this thread.I have said how the Mandelic acid serum has helped my shallow scars a number of times.
  14. Hi Christina I tried Tamanu oil about a year ago and it did very little for my scars.I have tried a number of herbal oils such as Rosehip,Tamanu,Seabuckthorn,Helichrysum,Baobab.All were said to be good for scars but turned out to be disappointing to say the least.I have found that the AHA's have worked better for my scars than any of the herbal oils I have tried.
  15. Hi Introvert I use 3 and a half pumps for my whole face.When you start to use the Mandelic serum,if it seems to make your face feel dry you should put on a moisturizer after applying the serum. I hope you have as good luck with the serum as many of us have experienced. O:)
  16. This is the 96th day of using the Mandelic acid.I like allison use the whole line of their products.My skin continues to improve by using the 10% Mandelic in the AM and CP serum with 15% Refinity Lactic acid (that I just started using less than 2 weeks ago) at night.I have also received my 40% Lactic Peel from Esthetically Yours but haven't used it yet. I am glad to hear that so many others are having positive results with the Mandelic Acid. =D>
  17. footprint-Your Welcome Danny-I can't tell you anything about the Super Cop but I have been using the 10% Mandelic acid serum once a day for 3 months and it has made a very large improvement of my shallow scars.
  18. Tracy Yes I got the 40% Lactic peel on sale from Esthetically Yours.I will let you know how I like it when I try it.I have been using the 15% Refinity Lactic acid for 6 days now.It is to early to tell how much it is helping my skin but I like the way it feels.This is the first time I have used Lactic acid.Several years ago I tried Glycolic acid and it irritated my skin so I avoided all AHA's until recently thinking they all would have the same effect,how wrong I was. When I bought the basi
  19. Tracy Thanks for your nice reply.Yes,I plan to continue to update my progress with the Mandelic serum and other products I use. I started using the Refinity 15% lactic acid with Cosmederm-7 a few nights ago nights ago.I am now still using the Mandelic 10% serum in the AM with the cleanser,toner and moisturizer/sunblock.At night I am now using the Lactic acid and the regular CP serum.If everything goes OK,I will combine the Lactic acid with the super CP serum in a few weeks. I hope to g
  20. Tracy-Maya You are both correct.I have shallow scars and large pores and have been reporting on how much the 10% Mandelic acid serum has been helping them.I also have mentioned that my facial spider veins are less red from using it.When I report how great it it is working,I am speaking on my skin.The last thing I would want to do is to mislead anyone and apologize if I have inadvertently done so.
  21. Tallica-The serum is the acid.It is Mandelic acid serum. You can use it on any type of skin.I have fair skin and it works great for me.I don't know about how well it works on red marks but I have been using the 10% serum once a day for almost 3 months and it has done wonders for my scars and pores.I do have a few spider veins that are now not as red looking as before. Tracy-I tried the Eucerin Extra Protective Moisture Lotion SPF 30 and the only problem was that the Zinc Oxide in it gave my
  22. I have been using the 10% Mandelic acid serum for 84 days.I started seeing the results from the very first day I started using it and I continue to see improvement of both my scars and large pores.I have never used a product on my face that has made such a vast improvement in such a short time.I am sure you will love this product like so many of us do. I wish you good luck
  23. Tracy I bought the 2 oz. 40% Lactic kit # 7 that has the lactic acid,prepping solution and neutralizing solution for $44.95.The regular price is $55.I didn't know when I ordered it that it was on backorder but when they sent me my confirmation is when I was informed it would not be available until Friday. Tracy,have you received and tried your 40% lactic acid from MUAC yet?Hopefully we can compare notes on the two.
  24. Tracy Funny you mentioned the lactic peel from Esthetically Yours.I found it about a month and a half ago and finally ordered it yesterday.It is on backorder and will not ship until Friday.From what I have been reading,a PH of 2 and a half to 3 and a half should be effective.Maybe some of the other readers like Maya who know more about Lactic acid than I do can be of more help. The way I came across the Lactic acid at Esthetically Yours was because I found a 15% lactic acid called Refinity