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  1. I was probably the first person on this board to poast my experiences with PSR3. Search for my threads and you should find a lot of information there about my personal take on PSR. I definitely prefer it to Fraxel for downtime and progress. I had my last one about six months ago and I am still seeing improvements. My skin looks so much better than it did six months ago. I might get one more PSR done on a high setting next winter, but I don't even know if I will anymore since I feel pretty g
  2. Hello everyone, I just bought the Laura Mercier Oil Free Foundation, Oil Free Tinted Moisturizer, and the Loose Setting powder. I hope I ordered the right shades or I'll have have to return them. I've heard such great things about Laura Mercier products and I'm just wondering if anyone can share their experiences. I'm looking forward to trying the products and I pray the colors I chose match my complexion!!
  3. Hey lestat02882...When did you get your Portrait done? I had 5 treatments done back in the summer/fall of this year and what I found worked the best was having it done on a Thurs. after work. Then I would take off Friday and Monday to have a long weekend that way I could ensure that I would not be peeling when I returned to work. Usually the first two days would be a bit tight and I would leave the Aquaphor on, but then I would let it peel so I would usually be done peeling by Monday. I also
  4. I have the liquid minerals, the loose powder, and the finishing powder by Jane Iredale. I like it but don't really use it everyday. Maybe b/c it's so expensive! I use it more on the weekends when I need a bit more coverage. It doesn't break me out though which is good! :D
  5. Did you try the Body Sculpting Center in Scottsdale. They have the Fraxel machine and they are nice there. You should call them for a quote if you haven't already.
  6. I bought some of the Neutrogena skin clearing foundation and I like it since it has salyclic acid in it. I also like the LORAC line. LORAC is all oil-free and the powders have Vitamin E in it too I believe. I use the wet/dry powder and then the finishing powder. I also have the oil free skin neutralizer which is this yellow lotion that evens out any redness or anything before you apply makeup. I also like the Smashbox makeup primer but I only use that if I'm going out...it's not necessary f
  7. Hello everyone...I haven't posted on here in a while. I've just been replying to PM's. I am so glad you are having positive results Steve! This is great news. I am excited to get one more PSR3 done on a high setting sometime in the future. Right now I am very satisfied with my results but I think one more on a high power would probably give me that much more improvement. I had five on a lower setting and took a 4 day weekend each time...now thinking back, I should have just done one high p
  8. Hello...I know everyone says to stay away from Studio Fix by MAC because it makes many people break out. What about the Moistureblend foundation? Has anyone tried this? Here is the description of the Moistureblend: A creamy compact foundation blending a radiant natural-satin medium-to-buildable coverage with a silky feel. Skin pampering and conditioning: delivers moisture, provides everyday UVA/UVB and anti-oxidant protection, while micro-fine light-diffusing filters soften the appearance of
  9. I think you guys are talking about me and you are right Keith, it was electrolysis not laser hair removal that scarred me. Electrolysis is hair removal using a needle going to the hair follicle and destroying it. When done correctly it can be very effective, but the woman who did it was too aggressive on my sensitive skin which caused scarring. I am having electrolysis done again every other week with someone who does a much better job. I think it is actually helping my scars because the nee
  10. I think that is often the case...I think we obsess and stare at our skin in all kinds of angles when no one else even notices what we see. When I went in for a consult a few months ago the aesthetician hardly even noticed my scarred areas...she commented on my broken capillaries around my nose instead of the scars! I think a lot of it is that we are far too critical about our skin.
  11. Hello beandavis - I have heard of the SkinCare Physicians of Chestnut Hill (http://www.skincarephysicians.net/acnescarring.html). I don't believe they do the Fraxel but they are supposed to be the most renown doctors in the greater Boston area. I've also heard of a Dr. Baden that is in the Boston area (supposed to be cheaper) but again, I am not sure if they do the Fraxel laser. Dr. Fechner in Worcester does dermabrasion and collagen induction therapy (which is some sort of variance of needli
  12. I know what you mean! I almost feel as though I look better with nothing on at all. Makeup sometimes makes me feel worse which is weird since it's supposed to hide flaws but sometimes it feels like it draws out the imperfections more.
  13. Lately I have just been surrounding myself with people all the time (boyfriend, family, friends). They make me feel confident and then I begin to feel more confident with myself. I am with them all the time and they never say anything about my face so apparantly I make it into a bigger deal than it actually is. People who really care about you and love you will not make you feel bad for things you cannot control. That's why it is so important to surround yourself with good people. I still g
  14. Hi Kooky - I think you're right about the 3 or 4 lower settings being equivalent to one higher. I kind of wish I just did two high settings instead b/c my downtime was about 4 days but I'd still be a bit pink until day 7. My brother actually did the PSR3 also. He did two treatments on higher settings. He had acne scarring on his cheeks. I hadn't seen him in over a month and when I just saw him for Xmas I was amazed at the improvement. I was so impressed. I think doing the higher settings
  15. Hi Xaviar - how'd your session with Frank go? Have you noticed any results yet? How many sessions will you be doing?