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  1. Lexy, where you been?

  2. Thanks so much Reily for updating, your skin looks great! You are a major reason I decided to try TCA cross and now I am so glad I did. I agree, everyone's skin is so different and the results can be unpredictable. Some of my scars almost disappeared after the first time, while other scars were stubborn. Everyone's different. THanks again for the update!
  3. Good luck sugagal! I agree, you are super cute!
  4. I agree w/ the above poster. Antibiotic cream just to prevent an infection and then leave it alone. If it starts looking infected, go see a doctor.
  5. Hey Amy. I've read your posts here and perhaps now I can give you some more thorough insight about this... I read that you are considering trying lactic acid. Normally I wouldn't suggest using this for indented scarring, because in my experiences light peels haven't done much for my indented scarring. But since you are also concerned about pigmentation issues, it might help w/ that some. I can only offer you advice from what my own personal experiences w/ treating my own scarring. I h
  6. I think TCA can be used on the back. The problem is that 100% is too potent to use for anything other than a focal treatment. You could seriously end up permanently damaging a large area of the skin. Plus, most of us know that resurfacing (like a peel over a large area) in of itself will do little for indented scars, even if it is a high % of acid. You could end up causing more damage than good. The most effective way to lessen scars is to raise the individual scars up first, one by one.
  7. If it is them, I won't ever buy from them again. That is really unprofessional conduct in my opinion.
  8. LOL, they took it off. That was fast. Lesson for the day: it's not nice to use other people's stuff w/o permission You should at least ask!
  9. I was alerted to this fact today that an ebay seller by the name of "anais2003new" is using a post from my scar journal log VERBATIM and passing it off as their own to sell their product: http://cgi.ebay.com/TCA-cross-remove-acne-...8QQcmdZViewItem. I just wanted to let you all know that this person is NOT me and did not have my permission to do this. I do not sell TCA and I have alerted this seller on ebay that I am aware of this and to take it down immediately. I do not promote any specifi
  10. If you're into strange foreign comedies, I'd suggest Kung Fu Hustle.
  11. I've learned not to count on any guy for anything. You can't really depend on them to make you feel good, make you feel loved, or pick up their dirty socks off the floor even.
  12. From what I remember A-PRO had some pretty good pics in his gallery that showed good improvement from dermabrasion and punch floats i think. I couldn't get to them just now, you might want to try contacting him and asking for permission to look at them.
  13. I absolutely agree w/ this. I have seen great results on newer scars w/ using supercop2x alone. And with older scars, great results w/ using supercop2x to heal after I've done TCA cross.
  14. I have used glycolic acid as a spot treatment in the past. For me it had a temporary effect on my scars that made them look better but after a short time, the scars reverted to how they were before. The best thing I've tried so far is TCA cross for my scars. I am seeing a big difference, hopefully it'll last and my scars won't revert back again to how they were before.