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  1. It's hard making long posts with this phone... Anyway, my skin looks a lot lot smoother today from last nights needling swelling. I'm pretty stoked about that. Im hoping there is long term improvement. If not and I have to do this every month or so to make my skin look smooth that's not so bad. It looks pretty good right now
  2. have you tried dermarolling or stamping lexy?? I use a small needle and pierce the scar repeatedly (similar to gumbys technique from back in the day). Gumby used to post here
  3. hey lexy.. my question is did the MILD scars atleast improve permanently? If not, how can that be? I have seen people here get results on their mild scars... were they lying? I never said anyone was lying. Everyone is different. My best friend thinks my scars improved but since I stopped using tca it's gotten bad again. She thinks it could be because I gained weight from being pregnant. Who knows. . Mild scarring improved but nothing 100%. For a while it was looking pretty good (maybe
  4. Back when I was scouring this board for solutions it used to frustrate me when people would post their treatments and never report back the long term results. I didnt mean to discourage anyone, just provide an update. Tca cross works well for me even if it's not the perfect solution. now I'm trying needling and the plumping effect is great so far. If there are long term results from this that's great too. Ive had 5 years to accept this and the scars don't bother me all that much anymore. In the
  5. I should probably say mild to moderate scarring. I have a couple of large deep scars
  6. This is why I didnt want to come back. I didn't want to discourage anyone. I have mild scarring all over my cheeks (probably more than 40). I have been told by a dr that subcision and fillers aren't an option because I have too many scars.
  7. Update: It's been a little over 5 years since my last post. Got busy with my career, been married (twice) and moved many times. Came to terms with my scarring so stopped coming around. Just wanted to give a quick update. Accutane did work for me. I had a brief breakout after going off of it, but have not had a problem with acne since. As for my scars, since my last post, I ended up dropping all of the topicals and continued using TCA cross. I had been doing so up until the point that I
  8. Lexy, where you been?

    1. Hmm.. that's interesting. :think: I know they always say to put it in the middle of the scar.. but once I had some TCA go onto the borders of a scar I was treating and although the scar looked worse for about a week, it ended up nearly disappearing in the end. Maybe I'll try it on some other scars. Ultimately, I think the success of TCA really depends on how well one heals.
    2. Thanks so much Reily for updating, your skin looks great! You are a major reason I decided to try TCA cross and now I am so glad I did. I agree, everyone's skin is so different and the results can be unpredictable. Some of my scars almost disappeared after the first time, while other scars were stubborn. Everyone's different. THanks again for the update!
    3. Good luck sugagal! I agree, you are super cute!
    4. I agree w/ the above poster. Antibiotic cream just to prevent an infection and then leave it alone. If it starts looking infected, go see a doctor.
    5. Hey Amy. I've read your posts here and perhaps now I can give you some more thorough insight about this... I read that you are considering trying lactic acid. Normally I wouldn't suggest using this for indented scarring, because in my experiences light peels haven't done much for my indented scarring. But since you are also concerned about pigmentation issues, it might help w/ that some. I can only offer you advice from what my own personal experiences w/ treating my own scarring. I h
    6. Lexy

      TCA CROSS?

      I think TCA can be used on the back. The problem is that 100% is too potent to use for anything other than a focal treatment. You could seriously end up permanently damaging a large area of the skin. Plus, most of us know that resurfacing (like a peel over a large area) in of itself will do little for indented scars, even if it is a high % of acid. You could end up causing more damage than good. The most effective way to lessen scars is to raise the individual scars up first, one by one.
    7. i'm a little down myself too (again) don't give up girl...don't give up.... :| Sorry to hear you're down. :cry: It really is a buzzkill sometimes isn't it? Something's got to come along eventually. UPDATE: I just finished doing another TCA cross. I think this is about the 4th/5th or so. It's hard to keep track, since I've done different scars at different times. It seems like the ones that are filling in are filling in w/ scar tissue, so even when the scar is improved it still