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  1. I almost feel like the top layer of my skin has been stripped which is what is making my scarring appear worse... but I'm certain my skin texture hasnt been the same since. It looks dry and dull and just unhealthy. My makeup doesnt sit right anymore
  2. I'm not even using it anymore but my skin hasnt been the same. I'm certain it gave me more scars
  3. It's been about 3 weeks since I used it and I still feel that the texture of my skin has not returned to normal. The orange peel texture is weird... it only seems to be noticeable when I wear powder but I never had that issue before. It just looks like every pore on my cheeks has become more noticeable and obvious. I definitely have noticed new scars appearing also where I never had any before. My skin is just a mess right now. I'll try and post photos to show what I mean. I'm hoping it returns
  4. I used it once and it ruined my skin completely. I have an orange peel texture on my pores, it caused my scars to be deeper and caused additional scarrimg where I had none before. I would give anything to have my old skin back. The derm wont believe that anythings been affected. Please tell me this can be fixed. I'm so depressed over this. Just want to go back and never use that shit. It also made me break out more than I ever did before which of course gave me new scars. No matter what I do it
  5. Well the tretinoin ended up giving me a pretty big breakout... now I'm left with a clusterfuck of red marks and possibly more scars... my skin is much worse off now. Sigh. Why would they prescribe something that causes an initial breakout right before you plan to do a scar treatment? I'm pretty upset about this to be honest. I'll let you know how I go with the derm in terms of getting tca cross done now. Also has anyone experienced breakouts from hydroquinone cream ? I'm trying to figure out wha
  6. I have been moisturising non stop but my skin is still so dry it feels like all of the moisture in my skin has been completely stripped aaarghh feeling so down on myself right now... I'm spiralling into a depression about it
  7. Yes I have heard about the dreaded purging period haha... just really terrified of it to be honest... I'm not sure how bad the purge will be or how long it will take to clear up again... and I'm really anxious about getting my scars treated so I would hate to have to wait weeks or months longer to treat the scars... and have to deal with inital breakouts which may cause additional scarring. Also the texture of my skin appeared sooo much worse after using the tretinoin and I'm not sure if it impr
  8. I'm way too self conscious to post pictures right now, maybe I'll share photos before and after getting it done if I feel up to it lol. Yeah I stopped the tretinoin right away, it might work for some I could tell it wasn't for me... seemed extremely harsh
  9. Hi all. I'm a 25 year old female and my skin has been the bane of my existence. I struggled with constant breakouts throughout my teens. Since going on birth control the breakouts are now pretty much under control, but I have a fair few icepick and boxcar scars remaining. It really takes a toll on my self esteem so I decided to go to a derm and seek treatment options. Tca cross was suggested for my particular scars and I was given tretinoin 0.5% and hydroquinone cream to prepare my skin for th
  10. Eh, I usually get maybe one or two zits, doesn't really bother me, they usually go down quicker anyways.
  11. I have this problem too! I heard Apple Cider Vinegar helps, not so sure though, does anyone know how to get rid of these stupid bumps??
  12. I have Oxy 2.5% BP for sensitive skin. Works wonderfully. I would say get the one for sensitive skin even if you skin isn't sensitive. Also, make sure you rub it in (GENTLY) really well, so you don't get that annoying white patch when it dries. Cheers <3
  13. Just a question, how do you know if you are pink or yellow skin tone based?
  14. Aargh, I just had to bump this cause I have the EXACT same thing!! Anyone know how to get rid of it?? And what is it, exactly?
  15. Hydrating Honey Oatmeal Facial Masque This masque is suitable for all skin types and gently removes dead skin cells while moisturizing the new skin underneath. Oats are richer in fat than most grains and contain vitamins B and E. Raw honey is a wonderful emollient and skin conditioner, and has antibacterial and healing properties as well. Yogurt is a mild exfoliant and skin conditioner and has been known to stimulate cell growth. Fruit acids are also natural exfoliants. Used daily it should f