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  1. Hi, I feel I owe it to acne.org to post, since I've been clear for about a year after nine years of non-stop non-inflammatory acne. I'm just following whatever Face Reality tells me to do. It's probably a bit different for each person. They are unspeakably marvelous (at least for me). Also got a photo facial to clear up old marks and brown spots and am thrilled with the results. So, they're not that expensive, give it a try! Only twist on their routine is that instead of plain ice, I make an herbal "tea" with a bit of ACV, freeze it into cubes, put the cubes on a microfiber cloth and ice my skin that way. My favorite is lady's mantle. For me, it's really important to stay away from iodine. I cook a lot at home but I can see if you ate out a lot it would tank the whole enterprise. In many respects its not that different from Dan's routine, but more detailed and much more effective for me. That's my 2 cents' worth...

  2. Ice works very well for me. Emerging zits either subside completely, or emerge as small, manageable bumps. I ice before applying acne meds. I use ice cubes made with lady's mantle "tea" and a splash of apple cider vinegar. The theory being that it helps the skin heal and corrects Ph. It's really effective for me as part of my routine (which is Face Reality's regime). I use a small microfiber cloth (the kind the sell for cars) to hold the cube as it melts.

  3. My favorite (as in, have now re-ordered three times from drugstore.com) is Eucerin Renewal SPF 15. It makes your skin a little shiny by the end of the day, but I have acne-prone, not oily, skin, so I think it looks nice and healthy. It almost seems to moisturize more as time passes. I put loose powder on in the morning, and the Eucerin is enough to prevent it looking dry or chalky. It has lactic acid, which ever-so-gently exfoliates while you wear it, and can co-exist peacefully with any weird treatement or night cream I try in the meantime.

  4. This is the first post I have ever put on any message board, anywhere! I am a 35-year-old woman who has had moderate acne for about four years, since going off the pill. I'm still curious about the hormones involved, but in the meanwhile Dan's regimen is the only thing that has worked on the acne. However, for me no moisturizer was enough to prevent the dryness and redness the BP gel caused. After a few months of trying less, ramping up to it, etc, here's what finally worked for me. Leaving it on, morning and evening, for as long as is convenient (1/2 hour to 2 hours), then rinsing it off and putting on that fab Eucerin. Rinsing off the BP may not be QUITE as effective as leaving it on 24/7, but for me it is a nice compromise between treating the acne and not completely ravaging my skin.

    If I see someone with acne, I have a hard time not going up to them and giving them the address to the website!

    Thanks Dan..