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  1. I'm interested in VeggieGirl. I'm new to this board, but her stuff sounds interesting. I emailed her asking her more about it. This works good for guys? i.e. doesn't look like makeup. The only other mineral makeup I've seen is on tv, called Sheer Cover. Anyone try that? Cheers, justmarvin
  2. Oh by the way, the url for the sheer cover website is http://www.sheercover.com/ But as with anything, if interested in buying, i'd check ebay first, hehe.
  3. Anyone here about this? I'll just post the FAQ as it would do more justice than me trying to explain it out. Let me know what you guys think. It's kinda cool that it contains no oil, no perfumes, or dyes. So i think it's better for the acne prone. ------ Q: How is Sheer Cover® Mineral Foundation different from other foundations? A: Sheer Cover® is so light you can't even feel it on your skin. Yet it gives you exceptional coverage and a sheer finish that ordinary makeup cannot alway
  4. Ok, I'm kinda new to this whole thing. Obviously clueless when it comes to... "men's cosmetics" (that term feels better than "make-up" hehe). Anyway, I did my homework and read a lot of your posts, and there seem to be a lot of ladies that's educating us! We can't live without you girls. I have slight acne (it was severe before, and much of my acne was cured through diet - check out http://www.natural-acne-cures.com, the ebook being sold is highly recommended.) When most of my acne went a