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  1. Think about it for a minute. Everyone is saying "you can pop, but be sure you don't do it this way". Wake up people, it's bad to pop no matter how you go about it, and you yourselves are saying just that. My theory is that if you can't even control yourself to the point of resisting the urge to pop, you deserve what's coming to you. My 2 cents.
  2. It sounds like you are making a mountain out of a molehill. You are in a similar situation that I was in (well maybe a little less bad). Anyway, my recommendation would be to quit putting everything on your face and just pretend that you don't have acne. Note that it doesn't pay to stop doing one thing (i.e. the BP) yet continue moisturizing. If you are not comfortable (or trusting enough in your skin's abilities) then stop putting BP all over your face and only put a little dab on existing
  3. LOL I am only here to help. If everyone wants to ignore me, so be it. Even Dan would agree with respect to the fact that dirt doesn't cause acne. If that's the case, what difference does it make what soap you use?
  4. Why waste money on products everyone else in here would agree are useless? Using soap works just as well, albeit the same, as all those special cleansers, plus it doesn't cost an arm and a leg (10 bars of the Irish Spring (value pack) for LESS THAN the price of ONE gay ass cleanser~you decide)
  5. Interesting stuff... I read it all. Keep us posted on how things go.
  6. Just leave it alone. Don't make any contact with it. I recommend you wash the affected AREA of your face/body with soap a couple more times than you usually do (not stupid ass cleansers, just regular soap). This should help dry it out and blend it in with the rest of your skin. A couple days from now it should be 100% gone. Hint Hint: Do not look at it :wink:
  7. They are probably too dry (your hands). I am not allergic to much, but when my hands (yes, the backs, not just around the knuckles either) get dry, then a red, spotty rash develops. Anyway, it's pretty easy to solve (but not all that fun). Before you go to bed at night, cover the affected areas with vaseline. Then put 2 socks on your hands. I know it's embarassing, but no one will see you anyway. By morning the dryness will probably be 100% gone. As an extra tip, you can put a plastic "fo
  8. One thing you will notice is that it seems like when you don't pop, your pimples will be all white. But then after you take a shower, (after they've had a day to run their course) they will contract. This leads me to believe that they are re-filling the place where the puss/inflation used to be. Long story short, they stop growing and start shrinking, for me it only takes 1 day. LOL I'm surprised so many of you guys do the light/mirror "trick" LOL
  9. One thing that helped me was this. In my bathroom (which is pretty much the only time I ever look in the mirror) I have 2 lights, one when you first enter, and the other one right above the mirror itself. So what I do is DON'T turn on the one near the mirror. The dark shadow that will cast over your face will help hide blemishes so you don't see them. Not only will this help you stop popping them, but it gives you a better image of yourself, which helps self esteem and confidence. Also, whe
  10. Do you dress really warm? Shed some layers. Be comfortable. Whenever your face gets really dry, instead of wiping it, just work up a lather with a REGULAR OLD EVERYDAY soap and wash it to make yourself feel comfortable. Do this whenever you feel like your oil is a problem.
  11. I used to be an AVID user of it. Perhaps Dan remembers me from the old boards, under the alias "SumWon". I used BP for several years. Recently I completely stopped, cold turkey. My biggest fear was that my skin would turn terrible, but instead, it hasn't even been effected. I really wonder whether the BP even had ANY effect, or if it was just all in my head.
  12. Nah... I've stopped putting all that sh!t on my face. Lemon juice is made for drinking, not putting all over my face. I'm pretty sure it's all that junk that prevented my skin from healing itself in the first place. I'll probably end up just waiting for summer and then getting a nice tan, end of problem.
  13. Simple solution: Don't pop. I can't understand how you people expect them to go away if you are constantly making new ones. If you don't pop a pimple, it leaves your face within 3 days at the MOST if you just leave it alone. What's the big deal with 3 days? I know some of you look in the mirror and think "why should I stop, I don't see any scars, I must've beat the system". You can't beat the system. Even if you don't see any red marks, they are there, and will emerge with time. I urge
  14. Your attitude is that lighter skin is "nicer"? Up here in Wisconsin, everyone with a tan is envied, worshipped almost. If you could explain why a tan is "bad" in your opinion, I would love to hear it.