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  1. tiger woods is black, he won't get wrinkles...or will he?? oops, i sounded racist didn't i!
  2. Hold on, hold on as i write down this amazing new discovery!! pray, don't eat red meat, get a breakfast...! you're a GENIOUS!!
  3. the one thing i hate the most is when people say this: i've been on benzaclin, duac, BP, mino, tetra, colon cleanses, and all bunch of other stuff, except accutane. but why do i still have acne????? TRY ACCUTANE AND STOP BITCHING. it's like it doesn't even phase people that they have tried so many things, and then they are quick to say that they haven't tried accutane. do you really think that any of those other things are good for you either? they do more damage that good. accutane, contr
  4. you've had acne for 4 or 5 years and still don't think that's enough to warrant accutane? i know that lots of people on this board have acne for a long time...and THAT'S ONE OF THE REASONS TO GET ACCUTANE.
  5. isn't it funny, that the only ones saying that accutane is a scary drug with lots of side effects that will mess u up...are the ones who have never gone on the goddamn drug before!! SHUT THE FUCK UP. you're scaring people that need the drug and you haven't even fucking taking it before. TAKE ACCUTANE. it is the one thing that will clear you up. i had bad acne and am now 99-100% clear. and BTW, it's not all doctors who do the things you guys describe. it's SOME doctors.
  6. and i like to say this to myself and to people who fear that acne will come back after accutane: there are MILLIONS upon millions of people who take accutane every year. out of those millions there are thousands for whom acne comes back. you only hear of those thousands. but there is another 90% who aren't going to come on an acne board.
  7. that's my story too. i went on accutane in march and am now completely clear. i seriously thank god everyday for my new skin and i actually appreciate looking back the effect that acne had on me. it made me less arrogant and judgemental. i don't know why i still hang around here actually, but i try to help people here who are feeling low.
  8. i have Been completely happy, inside and out. and then, when my acne developed i was miserable. it's gone now and i'm finally becoming happy again. how do you feel about the invasion in iraq?
  9. maybe he has low self-esteem, and he's trying to break you down because he's jealous of you and wants to be in power in the relationship. just a thought!