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  1. Amie8578

    Week Four

    Week four on Spiro/Retin-A! My intial breakout is finally coming to an end! The cysts I had are starting to heal and I haven't gotten any new ones since last week. I still have a lot of clogged pores and blackheads in my t-zone but they're starting to clear up as well. I have yet to notice a reduction in oil though. My skin is still very oily in my t-zone. For the side effects of spironolactone, I am not urinating as much as I did at the start, but still a bit more than usual. That's it for now
  2. Amie8578

    Week Three

    A little late posting....but I've been keeping track of my progress on my phone. It's now the end of week three on spironolactone. -I have upped my dosage to 50mg of spiro in the morning. -I still continue to use Retin-A at night, every night. Currently, I have a lot of small whiteheads in my T-zone, an increased amount of blackheads on my nose, five to six cysts on my cheeks and jawline, and several small pimples on my cheeks as well. I'm still experiencing an initial breakout at the moment,
  3. Hi world! I have been a long-time lurker of the forums and blogs on acne.org, so I finally decided I should contribute my own information. To start, I am a 24 year old female....and stillllllllllllllll have acne, ugh. Currently, I am experimenting with spironolactonone, doxycycline, and retin-a. I basically diagnosed myself with hormonal acne due to my age, its resilience and persistence, and the location of my acne. I have acne mainly on the medial portion of my cheeks and chin, with whiteh