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  1. u emailed me didnt u? it did absolutely nothing for me and fuck me was it expensive i was so stupid to do it but iwas desperate, also the most it lasts for is 6 months !!! which is rediculas. and to answer ur question in ur email i wud just go on accutane seriously, ok its not very pleasant while ur on it but once youve done it youll be glad
  2. i agree, sometimes its best to keep things do yourself, if i had never found this bored i wouldnt half been worried the whole time ive been on accutane, my derm didnt make a big thing out of it at all, i also agree with rick, if u live ur life not doing stuff incase it has negative effects, nothing is danger free,
  3. good advice there mate, i do the egg and lemon mask a lot and want to try the baking soda but when i asked about it no one was prepared to help me and say how u use it
  4. i asked mine and said id heard aloe was good and shud i use a moisturiser with it in and she just fucking glared at me and said nothing then said the only thing you can do is stay out the sun and apply sun creme and they'll be gone in 2 yrs. great fucking advice
  5. ha ha that was funny, everyone thought u had found something new, if only time worked quick enough mate, but it doesnt
  6. vit c has a half life of 2 hours,
  7. i think scarzone is a bit like suncreme, when its on the skin it hides the marks but doesnt actually heal them, when people say they notice a difference in days im always very skeptical cause red marks are always changing in severity anyway, sometimes my skin looks almost flawless now but sometimes i can see marks in places i havent had spots in months possibly years, u see what im saying ? there is no over night answer im afraid
  8. i havent had acne for about 2months now (accutane) i think i have tried pretty much everything for red marks but the reality is you just have to wait but im sick of waiting, there must be something that works surely, just thought neosporin was the holy grail, doesnt look like it tho
  9. youd be stressed if u had to live in london right now too
  10. fuck off you happyflowers, u think giving out advice like that is helpful?? little prick, thanks whoknows by the way, at least someone isnt a boring stuck up little dick head, some people on here im glad they have acne, couldnt happen to a better person