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    I was on minocyclin for a year. I am not a good pill taker, so I was not consistent in taking them. Initially though, I was. Pills just like topicals, do not work right away. Your body has to get use to the drug, and you are of course not going to see results right away. I didn't not notice any significant changes until 2 months of taking the drug. So hang in there. Be patient. I hope that it works for you. If it doesn't, don't give up hope. If there is a next time, ask your dermatologist if yo
  2. AngieRivera


    FYI. I am using the Acne.org Regimen. Honestly, I have encountered that this week as well. The benzyl peroxide seems to be helping with that. It went away in 3-4 days after appearing on my nose. Cleansing your skin with a gentle cleanser making sure not to irritate the skin. I heard that putting tea tree oil on a cotton ball with some water as a toner will help calm the skin and cleanse it more (like a toner). There is no real help with the redness. Aloe I heard helps a bit. A green conce
  3. AngieRivera

    Dans Aha For Red Acne Marks

    This is what I would do... Wash your face with a gentle cleanser After your face is completely dry, apply a 50/50 mixture of moisturizer and AHA+ Yes you should use SPF in the day even in the winter months. Although the sun is not out during the day, the UV rays are actually stronger. At night I would consider JUST the AHA+ because I feel that face products work better when your are asleep. I just started the regimen. The above is what just makes sense for me to do. Good luck.
  4. WEEK 4 Yes I know. Starting this blog a little late. But I thought it is better late than never. I will be giving my weekly experience of how the regimen has worked for me, up until now. I hope that someone will find this helpful. MY PERSONAL GOAL: I would like to regain a confidence that I have lost. I want to look and feel beautiful without a full face of make-up on. I have high hopes for the ACNE.ORG REGIMEN. &from what I hear from so many people, I believe that this will wor