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  1. Ok...how bad is your acne people? sounds like it's bloody terrible. I have acne marks, looks sort of minor, and a few active pimples. The marks will fade overtime I guess. Apparently most of them will be gone in a few months. No-one has EVER said anything about me like that - in fact, you can be fairly popular and still have acne. I have a lot of friends, some are very hot chicks too (with no acne)...and when I sit on a bus or go to a mall, there's always heaps of people I know there..and I
  2. From the album: Chris!

    Again, the photo wasn't great, but you can probably make out the red/dark marks here. How long will it take for them to go away? -Chris
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    Pictures of me...
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    it's me.

    From the album: Chris!

    Yeah. Sort of hard to see the red marks in this damn photo...It's a really crap photo but It's the only one that would sort of show the marks on this camera. They're not quite as dim as they are here. The main thing I'm worried about is my forehead though (In a seperate image) - I'd appreciate if you had a look and told me if those marks are going to clear...It's annoying. -Chris
  5. BFguitar, It seems you have the same thing as me. My acne is gone now, I've got like one tiny active pimple, and then a few red 'spot' marks, along with a darker spot on my left side. These occur to many people, and will fade over time. (They shouldn't leave a scar either, as long as there is no hole or anything). Apparently they can take up to 18 months, but for some it could be longer. "Heartless" suggested some useful things to try in my thread:
  6. Ahh, so they're just red marks that will go away? I might check out Skin Care's Fading Fluid then. I posted some more pics with the post (with different lighting conditions) just to check that they are actually just red marks. They appear flat to me, I'm just scared that they might turn into some wierd holes or something. They seem flat though. Also I was looking around last night and I found there is a clinic here that has quite a few treatment for acne stuff. http://www.caci.co.nz/search.asp?
  7. Hey all. I've recently got rid of most of my pimples, however they left some weird redish marks on my face. The ones on the left hand side (pic2) are darker, the ones on the right are just reddy. They are completely flat, but I'm sick of the red marks and I wish I could get rid of this! I've been using 'clerasel' cream and facewash (for a while) but it won't get rid of it. Any advice? What are these red marks? How can I get rid of these marks? I was thinking about going to see a doctor or a bea