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  1. THX for the feedback Angelo. I give the Lactic Acid 55% a whirl since my main concern is hyperpigmentation, and I do have a couple of really shallow scars. As for glycolic acid, I have tried a cleanser with glycolic acid 12% which I like because it makes my skin soft, but it made my skin sorta red and made a few of my red marks for visible. I do wear sunscreen everyday, so I don't know why the marks are more visible. I guess, using it every evening might be too harsh. Therefore, I am starting
  2. Is there anyway to get the past month post back? I didn't get all the info on TCA Peel..
  3. Is Lactic Acid 55% good for red marks or scars? TIA
  4. I read through makeupalley.com that it is very important to use sunscreen or SPF 30 if you have red acne marks and it helps future damage to skin. I have been using DDF Organic Sunblock Spf 30 for almost a week now, and I do notice that my red marks are not that dark anymore and it is fading. I got it at the mall and name of the store is Sephora. I didn't know my sister has been us ing sunscreen for the last few months now, and I would ask her how come her red marks fade much quicker than
  5. Good Luck, anna. THX, Maya for the followup post.
  6. Hey guys, I have a question. In order for me to use Revive, do I need to do a peel something like a TCA before I use Revive. TIA
  7. I hope you had a great birthday, Maya. THX for being a great MOD, and you are doing a wonderful job.
  8. Hey Dahamu, does HP helps fade red marks and eliminate blackheads. If this does help, I'll able to save some $$.
  9. That is not true - I said NOT TO DESTROY EVERYONE ELSES THREADS BY TELLING THEM TO PUT URINE AND SEMEN ON THEIR FACE. It may come as a surprise to you, but many people have made complaints about your style of posts. Personally dcychanhk, I don't give a damn if you enjoy rubbing donkey manure on your face .... I am saying keep it to your own thread, that's all. When you can post photos of your success, then let us know. Until that time .... there is no research to support URINE and SEM
  10. Hey guys, after I apply PureDeming Intense Gel and wash it off, would it be alright to apply Camellia oil next. TIA
  11. Guys, where can I purchase lactic peel 40%? TIA Sorry for being off topic..