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  1. I have very dehydrated skin after Fraxel Laser but it is normally normal to oily so I can't hydrate with anything oily. This sounds good but it's expensive so I need som advice
  2. I am dehydrated after having laser treatment done and I am breaking out and I desperately need good recommendations as I NEVER seem to find one that covers all bases and I need one NOW! I have tried Neutrogena (hate them) & Natio. I can use Sunsense Daily Face but I am not sure if it is hydrating enough!! Any ideas..........
  3. It is now 8 days after Fraxel. I am dry/dehydrated have about 10 whiteheads all over my chin (which is the dryest of all as had extra passes). I attribute the breakout to a combination of things - the use of the anaesthetic cream and the irritation of the laser itself on my VERY temperamental skin, using different skincare afterwards (Cetaphil cream and Nation Oil-free as I can't tolerate oil-based products - or Natio I don't think) and all the crap coming up to the surface. As my skin started
  4. Anyone out there who knos about irritants etc???????????????????????????????//
  5. I was put on bactrim to calm a bad breakout after fraxel laser. It worked a treat and I have stayed on it to try an prevent a breakout again after the second treatment. Unfortunately, I have broken out badly again. Does this mean that the bactrim isn't working or is it inevitable that I would break out after my skin is traumatised by laser?
  6. I am very dehydrated and sensitive at the moment after Fraxel Laser. I am breaking out big time and very unhappy. I need hydration to heal I think but I cannot tolerate oil-base moisturisers and any other oil-free moisturisers I have tried (Neutrogena, Natio, Dermalogica). I usually use the Skinceuticals 20SPF which is moisturising and oil-free and I normally love it. I used to use while on Roaccutane (Sunsense Oil-free tinted moisturising sunscreen. I want to know if anyone can please tell
  7. I had my second course of Fraxel Laser 7 days ago and like last time I am breaking out really badly with acne all over my chin. My skin is VERY dehydrated and sensitive so I really want to be careful with what I use on it so as not to make the whole situation worse as I have had perfect skin for more than a year since coming off Roaccutane and I am distraught that I may have wrecked my skin. I don't know what to moisturize with as I cannot tolerate products with oil in them historically. Is
  8. Any Bactrim users out there???? Surely if I have never been allergic and I have been taking it for two months without a reaction, I can rule out Bactrim as the problem can't I?
  9. I am using Bactrim with great success. This is the third time I have been on it through my lifetime with it being effective all times. Once long term as a teenager and once for a month either side of starting Roaccutane to stop the breakouts, and then now for the last two months as I had a huge breakout after fraxel laser. My doctor wants me to stay on it until my next treatment with is on Feb 9th. I have never has any signs of allergic reaction to it at all. This week my family and I went
  10. How long were you on Bactrim before it lost it's effectiveness and was it really good for you before that? I think Accutane is the only other answer.
  11. Are you in the US? I am in Australia and I use both these products so would love to buy them from you however I have no idea what the exchange is and I don't have a credit card so not sure how I would pay you for them. HOw much would postage be etc? Do you not like them?
  12. Hi, yes I took Bactrim before I took Roaccutane. I took it for the reason that it is fast acting and would calm my breakouts before starting Roaccutane as my doctor said that by calming your breakouts that minimises the chance of having a breakout when you start Roaccutane. It worked for me. I had no breakouts at all on Roaccutane after taking the Bactrim. I think I took it for about 3 weeks

  13. hey i read one of your replies where it says you took bactrim first and moved on after to accutane . i was wondering, did you get any break outs at all while on accutane?

  14. I am going to an outdoor concert (John Mellencamp) today and so will be out until late. I was wondering, so I don't forget, just for today would it be OK to take my Bactrim at lunch time rather than dinner?? It will mean taking it 5-6 hours apart instead of 12 and then going back to normal tomorrow.