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    Flying (am a pilot),fast cars,sports , you know,the usual guy stuff.Also enjoy the outdoors,camping and stuff.

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  1. Heya,things r going quite well thanx,just been extremely busy lately,but I'm also pretty happy with life at the moment....surprisingly :).Yea,we all have problems these days,lifes not easy,but most problems are only temporary and part of life i guess.

  2. hey watz up? i hope things are going good for u. Right now i'm pretty happy. i still got problems, but whatever that's part of life.

  3. Aw fanx...atleast some1 remembered :)

  4. I just used bio oil on the one I had,it helped a bit.I still can't figure out how I got this stretch mark in the 1st place!
  5. I'm the same,had a chick that was into me for ages and didn't even have a proper conversation with her,even though I like her.
  6. Yea I'm also in this situation,but I'm a guy missing a chick...long story,made posts on it b4.
  7. I wanted to be the 1st one to leave you your 2nd comment :0P & thanks, I'm gona need all the luck I can get.

  8. Hey I'm not as bad as what you described,but yea,I take the nice guy approach too...being the nice dude doesn't pay off these days! And no,I aint got depression,I'm just a wuss when it comes to askin chicks out.Ok back to the topic
  9. yeah I decided pictures are just a terrible thing. lol... I am just very non photogenic.. I know average looking people who can take a GORGEOUS picture.. and people to be concidered very attractive to take horrible picures. I unfortunantly am average with horrible pictures haha. But im like you.. at first it was just acne I was worried about.. now I realize there are soo many other things I hate about myself lol.
  10. Yea,I hope you guys have a good *and clear* new year!All the best!!
  11. Hay,just thought I'd leave ur 1st comment :)..Oh and good luck with retin A!

  12. Yea same with me!Some people look great in photo's,I look terrible,my nose looks so big.I hate cellphone camera's the most!People say that the camera lies and what we see in the mirror is a more accurate picture of ourselves.....I hope so!
  13. Yea I feel the same,I've lived in the same place for like 10 years,and I have a bad history here with my acne and everything.I'm also 18 and I feel I need to get a fresh start with people that don't know my history and life story.Luckily I'm moving out start of next year.