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  1. Day 20. There are no new side effects that are coming up. I think it's pretty good. Sebum is really low compared to pre-Isotretinoin so I'm pretty happy about that. I went to my derm yesterday and she said that she'll be increasing the dose to 20mg next month. I hope that the side effects won't be too drastic. Also, she gave me a cream to put on my face that would help in the flaking and redness. It's Avene Skin Recovery Cream. I hope I don't break out with this because historically, creams ma
  2. Day 15. Oil Production has really gone down. That is good. I still have zits coming out in the usual areas (around my nose, and mouth), but it's break out level. I've cleared a whole day without a zit coming out! Side-effects: My lips are skin are still dry, but manageable. I'm flying to Japan next week. Ugh. I hope the change of weather does not trigger anything. Crossing my fingers. Also, on Saturday, I'll be meeting up with my dermatologist for my monthly checkup. I'll see if I need to in
  3. I decided to stop lurking, and also share my experience with istotretinoin treatment. Some background first -- I've been suffering with acne since college. That's almost 10 years of acne that really gave a heavy beating to my self-esteem. I'm now 26 years old and finally, my dermatologist decided to stop the source -- sebum production. We've tried most treatments but it seems that my face was just too oily and topical meds + antibiotics won't do it. She is placing me in a 10mg/day treatment vi
  4. I haven't updated this log for quite some time. Here's the routine that I have been following so far: - AM - Wash face with Ivory soap 2.5% Panoxyl Olay Total Effects - PM - Wash face with Ivory soap 2.5% Panoxyl Olay Total Effects So far, this regimen has controlled my breakout. I love Total Effects! It's not greasy and it has SPF already. Problem now is the scarring but hopefully, they will soon fade away.
  5. My original regimen was a complete disaster. I had to stop immediately due to the break out. What I am doing now is the following: - AM - Wash face with Neutrogena Extra Gentle Cleanser Put 2.5% BP on affected areas where breakout is frequent (mouth area) - PM - Wash face with Neutrogena Extra Gentle Cleanser Put 2.5% BP on affected areas where breakout is frequent (mouth area) So far, my cheeks are healing well with no new acne build up. As for the mouth area which has become a problem are
  6. Just an update, my face is like melting because I am peeling already. I just wish once my skin peel off, I'll have clear skin. Yeah, right. Anyway, just a background, my acne is concentrated on my left and right cheeks with more "action" happening on my right. Also, around my mouth and chin area are my problem areas. Beyond that, it's pretty much clear making me wonder why actually. When I woke up, I had 4 white heads in my mouth area. But no new red bumps since they are all shrinking due to
  7. I had a massive breakout last January and until now, I still feel it. I've consulted 2 dermas already but to no avail. So, I think it's best to just do it on my own. Best way is to log it here too! For starters, here's my regimen: Morning - wash face with tea tree oil soap - apply clindamycin - apply 5% BP (Benzac) Evening - wash face wtih tea tree oil soap - apply clindamycin - apply 5% BP (Benzac) I just started today and I hope that this helps. If you have comments in my regimen like it
  8. Oh! I didn't know that Ivory is bad. Okay, I'll look into Cetaphil. For the bp, I tried Panoxyl 2.5% before. So, I guess I'll try that once again.
  9. Well, I've been using the "Regimen" or my own version of it for the past two months. The good news is that I have less break outs. Maybe once or twice in two weeks or to that effect. But the bad news is, the marks where my pimples existed before are still there. So, the dark marks are there and they are hideous. So, here's what I do... When I wake up, I wash my face with my soap (Ivory) and then apply my BP ( Benzac W 5% ). After a few minutes, when it's dry, I apply a moisturizer ( Nivea I
  10. I used Dove before. It's lotion so it's oil. It made my skin very oily and thus, more outbreaks. Never again... but it does make your skin softer.
  11. i'm using Benzac W 5% and I don't have break outs. But the problem is that the marks are not lightening up. So, I still have my scars.
  12. gosh! that's indeed pricey! I don't think I can afford that for a regimen. I'm using Tea tree oil soap now and I think it's okay but no clearing up. I've been hearing horror stories with Panoxyl so I'm not trying it. *sighs* But I'll try the 2.5% Panoxyl since it's the only one with a 2.5% here in the Philippines. I just hope it really works for me. I also have very oily skin and Pond's didn't work for me. Oh well... I'll try Panoxyl...
  13. if i find one, i'll post it but i've been scouring the metro for it and i haven't found it.