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  1. Hey I've been on birth control - Loette - for about 5 months and it's -really- helped my skin. It's amazing. I have gone from pretty bad skin to nearly perfect (apart from red marks from before). So I would say definitely give BCP a try if they're suitable for you. Go and have a chat with your doctor - they'll know what BCP are available for you and which are good for acne, etc. If it's an option for you, then you may aswell give it a try : ) Good luck !
  2. Hi, I've read all the threads I can about glycolic acid, but I'm still not sure if this is what I want.. basically, I have red marks left and some active acne, but not too bad. I went to a beauty place and they do Glycolic Acid 25% in a course of 6. So I'm wondering if this would help with red marks, etc ? Is 25% okay to start with ? I've been using Neutrogena Multi-Vitamin cream for about 6 weeks and it may be helping, I guess to make my skin smoother, but the red marks are still there : ( S
  3. Hey all, I just needed to tell someone who would understand, that today I've woken up and I look pretttyy clear. I've still got red marks that could pass as pimples, but they're not. The way I see it, is if it hurts when I touch it, then it's a pimple hehe and at the moment, I only have 2 pimples that hurt, but they're healing and look like the other 1001 red marks anyway ! I've been on and off the regimen since April, but have missed a few times here and there and probably didn't use enough
  4. Hey Ann, those pictures look awesome - and well, even if the camera shows up everything, it's still looking pretty damn good ! : ) At least now you don't have to worry at the wedding ! : ) Congrats.. !
  5. Hrmm.. I'm a girl by the way, hehe, so less of the 'he' and more of the 'she' ! ; ) I didn't vinegar last night or this morning, but it's really tempting especially when I notice some marks have gotten lighter.. -frustrated- So yea, I might go back to diluting it again.. My eyes aren't really red at the moment, just around them has gotten dry and flaking.. a bit like after you're sunburnt.. guess the vinegar fumes somehow managed to burn my eyes ? Crazy ! Thanks for replies : )
  6. Heya, I've been using the vinegar for about a week now. I diluted it to start, then decided to use it straight (on a wet face though). It stings for about 20 seconds, but nothing major and it's fine. However, and this might sound strange, around my eyes is all red. And I don't put vinegar near my eyes.. do you think it could be a vinegar fumes ? Just below my eyebrows and on the corners of my eyes, the skin is slightly red, looks a little sunburnt (however it's the middle of winter : P). I
  7. I use the bottle and it's fine. I don't think it's meant to lather, as such. It doesn't go foamy like some things which is part of it's appeal I think. Because on the bottle it says 'contains a unique low-lathering formulation'. Must be an advantage if they mention it ; ) I usually stick my face under the shower for a second, then put a few squirts in my hand and stick it on my face, and it spreads easily.. and depending on what you've got on your face (makeup, etc), you can just gently rub i
  8. nappyjim, I'm in Australia and my gentle Cetaphil cleanser sure does have a pump ! : )
  9. Dr Miracle, Cetaphil does have a pump, the big bottles do, the smaller ones don't.. .. at least, mine does ; )
  10. Maybe you should try putting the BP on in smaller areas ? Work your way around your face type thing.. : )
  11. I'm following the regimen and drinking lemon and vinegaring and taping and everything else you can think of.. LoL.. but what should you do when you feel a spot coming during the day ? I just put more BP on my face.. is that a good idea ? Or is there something else I can put on it so it doesn't form into a big ugly cyst ? Thankya !
  12. Hey Julie, I just started using the vinegar 2 days ago with my BP, so it's still too early to know if it's going to work. I reckon you should carry on with the vinegar though because 3 weeks isn't a long time, really. Some people on the Vinegar thread said it took a few months to see real results. As long as the vinegar isn't doing any harm, I don't see why you should stop it. I'm also drinking about 2L of water a day with lemon juice, and just started taking Zinc supplements. I reckon it
  13. I get pimples randomly over my face, really, which is bad, but the regimen kinda helps. But then I have these 4 spots on my jawline that always come back. They first came in April and they disappear after a week or so, then come back again a few weeks later.. I don't understand.. are they the SAME pimples ? And why hasn't it gone already ? : ( Any answers would be appreciated ! Thankyah
  14. Haha, I don't know you, but that's fantastic mate ! I reckon we worry too much about what our skin looks like because that's what we see first when we look in the mirror.. but other people see what they're meant to see - your eyes, smile, and your dancing abilities maybe -grin-
  15. Hi, I've been reading this site for about 7 weeks now and on the regimen for about 6 and while I don't know if my face is -that- much better, just knowing I am doing something about it, makes me feel better. I guess my skin is better, I still get a few pimples, but knowing I can do something about them, gives me some new sense of confidence.. heh, if I can take on my skin, I can do anything ?! -grin- And just with my sense of awareness about my skin (Oh how much was there I didn't know..)