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  1. OK, I wrote about this product LALISSE last october/november in the Adult Acne section. I bought the starter kit from my local chemist. I am in my late 30's and have tried everything, from OTC to Roaccutane twice. I was getting so desperate that I was even contemplating getting Proactiv. But luckily before getting the PA I found Lalisse, which is alot cheaper than PA. The reason I am writing about this product again is so I can give an update. I have not had any active acne for around two month
  2. Hi Guys, I just went to lalisse's website to send them a thankyou email. And they have free samples for anyone in Australia. I would recommend ANYONE to go for it and see what you think. cheers
  3. Hi 30rocko, Thanks for your reply. Glad to hear someone else is getting results. I am still clear, and that's since late october/early november. I still can't quite believe it, and I probably wouldn't if I hadn't tried it myself. I just WISH that this stuff had been around in my teens and twenties. It would have saved me years of painful, ugly acne. Not to mention the years of feeling embarassed and ashamed of my skin. So many years I spent not going to parties etc because of my messed up skin
  4. Hi bronzeneo, I only use the serum because that seems to be the main product from the kit that works for me. I also use the oil control cleanser from time to time, especially after I remove my makeup. The kit also comes with a moisturiser (which is very lightweight) and an exfoliating peel-off masque (was too harsh on my skin). When I first bought the kit I did use the moisturiser a few times but I HATE any moisturisers on my face. Although the kit does advise you to use it in conjuntion with
  5. Oops, I just wanted to add that the serum is a liquid. It comes in a long, glass tube with a rollerball tip so you can roll it on and not have to touch your skin with fingers, etc. It is great for spot treatments.
  6. OK, I wrote about this product LALISSE last month. I bought the starter kit from my local chemist. I am in my late 30's and have tried everything, from OTC to Roaccutane twice. I was getting so desperate that I was even contemplating getting Proactiv. But luckily before getting the PA I found Lalisse, which is alot cheaper than PA. The reason I am writing about this product again is so I can give an update. I have not had any active acne for around two months. I usually get cysts, especially ar
  7. Noone has replied but I will still do an update. My skin is still clear, although still a tad dry. It has probably been close to two weeks now. I just keep using the serum, mostly on my chin area and sparingly on my cheeks/nose, etc. I've had a couple of pimples under the skin but they aren't sore or coming to a head. And I haven't had a cyst in almost two weeks, which is unusual for me. I usually get one-three cysts once a fortnight/month. I'm crossing my fingers (and toes lol) that this MIGHT
  8. Hi Everybody, Just wanted to know if anyone else here has tried a product called Lalisse? I've only been using it for about three weeks so far. I bought the starter kit as it worked out cheaper than buying products individually. Let me start by saying I am in my 30's and have tried EVERYTHING from over the counter products to Roaccutane. The only thing I haven't tried is Proactiv, mainly because of negative feedback (from here) and the price. Anyway...I was finally going to succumb to trying PA
  9. Never said you were, sorry if you took it that way. I tried it once and for ME the BS meter rang true. Very irritating and drying in my case. But your skin might take to it better.
  10. Well, I've never tried Proactive but when I was deciding between proactive & Acnefree (I choose acnefree because i could just grab it at walmart and the reviews were great ) Some of the reviews on proactive were eh. Some people noticed AMAZING results some didn't. So its your decision if you want to try it or not I say go for it and if it doesn't work for you..pass the proactive on to someone else
  11. To KohKane Ummmm yeah, duh! I know, I know lol. And usually I wouldn't fall for the before and after pics. But ONE thing seems to be common amongst the after pics - their complexion looks clear, smooth and has an olive texture. Even the people with very fair skin look olive (tanned). And yeah I thought it MUST be makeup but it doesn't look cakey or thick. It looks like their skin has changed it's texture. As I've already stated I am skeptical when it comes to infomercials, etc. But their skin,
  12. To Whale Ummmm I'm NOT in cohorts with PA products lol. If that's what your trying to say - by not ACTUALLY coming out and saying it! I actually suffer from chronic insomnia and am usually awake when those stupid infomercials are on. And because of my acne, which I have had for over 20 years, I sometimes am sucked into the PA ads. I want so much to believe that something, ANYTHING will work! And as I said I'd rather not go on roaccutane for a third time. (But it looks like I will have to anyw
  13. Thanks for the reply. By under control do you mean it stopped new outbreaks? Can you tell me more?
  14. Hi All, Ok, I am in my late 30's and have been getting acne from about the age of 11/12. Like many others here I have tried just about everything from over the counter products to roaccutane. Roaccutane worked brilliantly in my early 20's but not so well in my late 20's. It also gave me severely dry skin, low moods, aching bones, etc. So I don't really won't to go back on it. I have been watching the Proactiv commercials and am getting closer and closer to ordering it. So far I have resisted b
  15. I am in my late 30's and am still suffering from acne (cystic, etc). I started getting acne at age 11/12. My acne was soooooooo bad in highschool, I couldn't bare talking to people face to face, some of them would stare and comment on my acne, which made me paranoid and withdrawn. I remember people (adults) saying you will grow out of it, it is just a phase. Well I'm still waiting to grow out of it lol. I am starting to get large cysts again, they are so BIG and so painful. Sometimes I just thi
  16. Hi Sweetie, Just wanted to say, like some others here have already said, hang in there. I had severe cystic acne in my teens/early twenties. I went on roaccutane (accutane) and it was like a miracle. My skin cleared up completely. Initially it broke out (on the tane) but after two courses my skin was completely acne free. And it stayed that way for about 3 years. After that I got an occasional pimple but NOTHING like the ugly, big cysts that I'd had before. Stick with it because at some poin
  17. Update: My skin, especially on my cheeks, is looking clearer. I don't seem to be getting as many milia as I use to. My skin seems smoother too. I have some brown pigmentation on my cheeks and that seems to have faded slightly. Apart from the one cyst, which I mentioned in my previous post, there hasn't been anymore. And I don't have any small whiteheads either. Also the large pores on my nose seemed to have shrunk. Anyway, I just thought I'd give an update. So far I am happy with my results. I j
  18. Metarika I read your post and I felt so moved by it. I too have suffered with severe cystic acne (boils) and I can relate to your pain and discomfort. I was lucky enough to have tried roaccutane and the first time (I've had it 2 -3 times) worked like a miracle for me. My skin was clear for about 3 years after the first treatment. Anyway I have a suggestion for you, it is a little 'way out' but it might work. If you are 100% genuine and sincere (which I am believing you to be) how about asking
  19. Hi Stefy, Mine is the regular one too...sorry for any mixup. The cleanser (moisturiser) I mentioned is whatever I have on hand at the time: Sorbolene, Aveeno, Dermaveen, Cetaphil, etc. I usually only use it (moisturiser, cleanser) to remove my makeup. Update On Benzac AC 5% bp: My skin is quite dry and I have a small cyst at the corner of my mouth (that time of the month...aren't we lucky ladies..not lol!). Although I usually get 2-3 cysts and little whiteheads monthly...so I can deal wih ha
  20. Facts: I am in my 30's and have been suffering from acne since the age of 11/12. I have suffered with severe cystic acne, mild to moderate acne, pustules, blackheads etc, etc. I have been on roaccutane 2-3 times - the last time was around 10 years ago. I have tried numerous acne products - both over the counter and prescription. Over the last few years I have started to get cystic acne again - mostly around my chin area. It is especially bad around my time of the month - the cysts are huge a